Newcastle Want Striker But January Looking Very Tough

Steve McClaren has hinted on this first day of 2016 that we need more goal-scoring power in the Newcastle side – but we also need defensive reinforcements too.

We’ve conceded a massive 34 goals and why we haven’t significantly strengthened our defense over the last season or two we have no idea but it’s as bad as ever.

If we continue to let goals in at the same rate we’ll concede 68 goals – our worst ever number of goals conceded (to equal what we did in 2012-2013)  in a Premier League season.


Steve McClaren – Newcastle manager

In our relegation season in 2008-2009 we conceded (only) 59 goals.

Steve has said today when asked if he understood why fans were so keen in knowing what was going to happen  this month::

“Absolutely. Absolutely. I understand fully where you’re coming from, believe you me.” “I think I’ve said enough to say that we do need more goals and that we’re working behind the scenes to address that.”

“Teams who fail to score enough goals get relegated; that may be an obvious statement but it is also the harsh reality of the situation Newcastle find themselves in.”

“Well at the present moment we’ve only got Mitrovic who’s fit.” “Papiss Cisse is injured and Emmanuel Riviere will take a few weeks to get up to match fitness so we have to keep working hard.”

“Keep working, keep working hard on the training field, keep believing in them, and give as much confidence as we can and hope they deliver on the field.”

“I think effort was questioned a few weeks ago by a lot of people,” “I think that’s why we gave an honest appraisal of that as well.

“That was addressed and we know we’re not scoring enough goals.” “We know, you know, everybody knows what we’re doing.”

“We’re not scoring enough goals at the present moment.”

We also have Ayoze Perez fit so we’re not sure why he wasn’t mentioned.

January is looking like a crucial month for the club and with games against Arsenal, Manchester United, West Ham and Watford and you wonder how many points we will have after 23 games played.

The lowest number of points we have had in the PL after 23 games played was three years ago in 2013 – when we had 21 and then brought in four French players in one week in late January.

We may even see the same thing happen this month,  if we can only get four points from these four games.

In our relegation year we had 23 points from 23 games played and it’s unlikely we can get 6 points (two wins) from those four games this month to equal that record – although you never know with Newcastle.

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  • jane

    Jan 1, 2016 at 7:50 AM

    Comment #1

    transfers in

  • Riley

    Jan 1, 2016 at 8:45 AM

    Comment #2

    Hello everyone, this is my first post and I’m a Newcastle supporter from Australia who has been reading this blog for a couple of years now.

    While a lot of people are saying we need strikers and defenders, the central midfield is what we really need to strengthen. Imagine if we were to bring in both shelvey and xhaka (will never happen) both our defence and attack will improve massively, and they would make the Anita – colback combination look like a joke. I truly hope we bring in one of these two players, but with Bayern, aresenal, juventus and Napoli all apparently interested in xhaka, we have no chance, not to mention how much he will cost. There is little more chance that we will get shelvey either, why would Swansea sell their star player while their in a relegation battle to another club whose in a relegation battle with them? I’m not sure what realistic central midfield players we are apparently interested in, but a new player in that position is vital to us staying up this season.

    Bringing in matip, Willems and a striker who can get in behind defences such as berahino would also help 🙂

  • Malta Mag

    Jan 1, 2016 at 8:52 AM

    Comment #3

    Apart from the normal shite having a bitch with one another and some bloke wanting to wear a Gateshead shirt and stop going to the games there are those on here who write constructive comments. I do agree with the comment on the midfield being too slow. I think Colback, Anita and Tiote have something to offer but to put them in the same engine room does nothing for the dynamics of the team. The problem is however that McClaren knows fine well that his defence is poor so he compensates rightly or wrongly by putting an extra defensive player in there to protect them. Consequently the forwards suffer. If I was to spend 20 million I’d by a proven defender to step straight into the team thus releasing Gini into the middle alongside one of those three and my choice would be Tiote. I would keep Mitro where he is with Perez as the No 10 and bring Thauvin in and give him a good run in the team with Sissoko on the other side. I think the quality is there but the manager has to be allowed this transfer window to try and put right the wrongs done before him. Unlike some I think we will buy big in this window simply because relegation is not an option for a business man like Ashley.
    Happy New a Year and keep the faith regardless

  • James RS

    Jan 1, 2016 at 9:49 AM

    Comment #4

    Newcastle are quick to sell but not so quick to buy. Yes why didn’t Mclaren mention Perez; surely Ashley won’t let him go


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