This Is How Newcastle Got Where They Are Today

Newcastle don’t score enough goals – we have only 19 goals in 19 league matches this season – the third worst in the Premier League – and we concede far too many goals at the other end.

We have conceded 34 goals which is the second worst in the Premier League – so with that goals for and goals against record it’s not too surprising we are third bottom of the league and in bad way as we enter 2016.

How we got this way after last year at this time we were 9th top on 26 points is a very good question – but let’s put it down to poor (we are being kind) leadership from the top.

lee charnley and mike ashley

Lee Charnley and Mike Ashley
The two at the top 

Even if it isn’t poor leadership those at the top have to take the responsibility (also known as the blame) and be accountable for where Newcastle have plunged to over the last 12 months since Alan Pardew left the club.

We hope things will get better soon, but for that to happen we have to have a terrific January transfer window and we also need to win some games – starting this month.

It’s been a terrible last year and these are some of the things the club  did that helped plunge us into a relegation battle last season and another one this season:

  • Let Alan Pardew leave (for £4M to Crystal Palace) without having an experienced replacement lined up
  • Appointed the completely untested John Caver as interim manager
  • Did not strengthen the team at all last January and in fact weakened it by letting Davide Santon leave on the very last day of the transfer window
  • Allowed John Carver to stay on as interim manager even though he nearly took us down to the Championship by losing eight games in a row.
    We managed to lose nine games and win only one of the last 11 games last season
  • Did not appoint a top manager in the summer who was a proven winner – instead the job was offered to Steve McClaren, who was always Lee Charnley’s first choice and who days earlier had been fired by Championship club Derby County
  • Did not sufficiently strengthen the squad last summer, particularly in defense –  after allowing the squad to become threadbare by not investing in the two previous January transfer windows
  • Continue to sign players from the continent who need significant time to get used to the pace and physical nature of the Premier League

Those are just some of the poor decisions made that have seen Newcastle struggle so much last season and this season.

We could list more but we’d only become more depressed.


When an organization gets into trouble, it’s very rare and very difficult for those who got the club in trouble to get the club out of trouble.

But that’s what we need to do in the next few months – since presumably Mike Ashley and Lee Charnley are going nowhere.

January will be a crucial month for both transfers coming in and also for the four tough games we have to play in the Premier league against Arsenal, Manchester United, West Ham and Watford.

But if we do go down it’s been caused by a lack on consistent investment in the squad, poor leadership from the top and a (total) lack of ambition.

Aiming for a modest goal of being in the top ten in the Premier League has Newcastle now fighting against relegation.

That’s the poor state that Newcastle find themselves in as we enter 2016 – we wish it was lot better – but the truth is it’s not good.

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