Fans Need To Hear Directly From Ashley And Charnley

Things are not good at Newcastle and it’s being left to the manager to take all the questions from the press about what’s going to be happening in the January transfer  window – when Steve McClaren has very little to do with that.

And the executive charged with actually running the club for Mike Ashley – Lee Charnley remains silent – again.

Newcastle fans need to hear directly from Lee Charnley and Mike Ashley and we don’t want another long email that says everything and nothing.

lee charnley mike ashley

Lee Charnley and Mike Ashley

We have no idea what Lee even sounds like and only heard Mike Ashley talk for the first time last May after eight years at the club.

How’s that for bad communication?

Well-run  clubs have executives who actually hold news conferences to talk to the fans about what’s going on  at the club and that’s what we need to see.

Otherwise, it’s like the second half of last season all over again when the team went on a streak of eight defeats in a row and we heard nothing at all from Lee Charnley – who seemed to be just hoping for the best.

The situation at the club now is very dangerous  and Steve McClaren should not be left to tell people that Charnley and Ashley really do know how bad the situation is.

Why cannot they speak directly to the fans themselves?

When companies are in trouble that’s when the executive(s) running the company have to get involved and they cannot be seen to be hiding out and saying nothing when things get tough.

Everybody associated with Newcastle needs to hear from Lee Charnley and/or Mike Ashley about what’s’ happening at Newcastle United and what they are going to do about this dire situation.

It will also be very helpful to our players, who are probably asking the same questions – and who need to deliver for the club in the second half of the season.