McClaren´s Strange Statements Aimed At Ashley

Steve McClaren has started to say some strange things again in his interviews and maybe is stretching the truth a little.

It´s true that we have played better since the two disgraceful defeats against Leicester City and Crystal Palace when we let in a massive 8 goals – but we are still not getting enough points on the board.

That´s why we are 3rd bottom and 3 points from 4th bottom Swansea and safety if you take into account goal difference – and Chelsea have finally woken up with a good 3-0 win at Palace last night and are moving up the league 6 points above us.


Steve McClaren – strange statements again

17 points from 20 games is the worst we have ever done in the Premier League – so we need maybe 23 points in these final 18 games of the season to survive – so we need wins.

This is what McClaren has said and some of it is true enough:

“I think when we took three points from the first eight games, people were questioning the team,” “But since then, we’ve had 10 or 11 games, and there’s only really been a couple where they’ve let themselves down.”

“The last five or six games have been excellent, and we have to keep that going.” “You’ve seen that we’ve got that quality, and we can do it.”

“I’m sure in time, with 18 games still to go, it’ll be fine. But we have to start doing it.” “We’ve done that and performed consistently, probably from Liverpool at home onwards,” 

“The Spurs performance was very good, but this was probably an even better performance than we had against Spurs.” “That’s what you look for. It’s difficult to come here.”

“People would have expected a certain result with Arsenal where they are and us where we are, but it just shows that the differences in the league are very close.”

“We just have to keep performing like that and keep believing, even though we keep getting knock-backs, especially in the last two games.”

Since the first 8 games we have played 12 games and taken 14 points from them – just a bit better than relegation  form.

The really sad thing about the Arsenal game is that we did play well – very well – and our lads put is some good even great performances – against the top of the league side.

We were even the better side – as strange as that may seem – given the dour forecasts before the game.

But we again got nothing out of the game.

We play well against the good sides but we have trouble replicating a performance like Saturday´s against the teams we should be beating in the league – that´s just one of our problems.

It´s almost starting to be that the results are more important than the performance – on Saturday the performance was very good and the result was very poor – the worst possible in fact.

Those statements are a bit too positive for where we are and they are probably aimed at owner Mike Ashley,  who cannot be too pleased at where we are with only 18 games to play after shelling out 52M last summer.

One other thing is the fans must stick with supporting the team and we´ll have a much better chance of surviving.

We are completely shocked at where we are right now – but we are also hoping for reinforcements coming in this month and Ashley has to make the cash available if we are to have any chance of surviving.

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