Siem de Jong Suffers Dangerous Eye Injury In Training

Newcastle midfielder Siem De Jong has suffered a nasty eye injury when he was accidentally poked in the eye during training and with Siem screaming in pain on the ground and blood streaming out of the eye,  he was rushed to hospital and the Mirror is reporting there was genuine concern he could have lost the sight in that eye.

It turns out the contact lens he was wearing had broken up and gone into his eye.

siem de jong

Siem de Jong – real concerns he could have lost sight in one eye

Steve McClaren talked about the injury:

“It was just in training and he accidentally got poked in the eye. I wasn’t here, but he went down screaming. So they said ‘Let us have a look at your eye’ and there was blood pouring from it.”

“He wears contact lenses, and one of the contacts had come out and gone in his eye.” “Yeah, yeah – he could have been blinded – a massive danger, a big danger. He was rushed to hospital.”

“I was at Pav’s memorial so I came back and saw him in a darkened room. It was the biggest black eye ever and headaches and everything.”  “I’ve seen him this morning and it looks a lot better. Fortunately the doctor says probably a week or two to settle down. So very lucky.”

“The exact words I said to him when I saw him was: ‘You’ve had no luck, have you?’.

“I would say frustration is probably not the word. I think certainly from what I’ve heard and seen looking at him it will just be a week or two.”

All is OK now and Siem should be able to play in a couple of weeks as Steve says and maybe even earlier than that.

You cannot say Siem has had much luck at Newcastle can you?

We really hope the Dutch International can still come through for us this season and have a career on Tyneside – he deserves some luck.

We are very pleased to hear that Siem is OK.

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