Steve McClaren Was 100% Right On This Player

Steve McClaren may be turning things around at Newcastle and certainly the way he’s had Newcastle playing good attacking football these last two games warms the heart.

There is no lack of guts or spirit from our Newcastle players and we go out and attack the opposition.

The fans at the game once again helped Newcastle in the second half,  as we kind of hung on for the 3 points,  but giving away a daft goal after 50 minutes didn’t help us.

But credit also to West Ham who came fighting back and you could tell they are a very good side.

jonjo shelvey steve mcclaren

Smiles all around after the great win

McClaren seems to have been successful where Alan Pardew was not,  in convincing the top brass at the club that we need to buy ready-made English players with Premier League experience.

And the signing of Jonjo Shelvey could be the master-stroke we have all been waiting for.

He was a target in the summer and just last month we thought Newcastle had absolutely no chance of getting him – no chance whatever.


Yes – wrong again – but it was still a surprise Swansea sold him to Newcastle, because we are also struggling with relegation.

This is what Steve McClaren said after the game on Saturday about Jonjo:

“We said in the summer that Shelvey was the type of midfield player that we wanted, and we’re delighted that we’ve got him now,”

“He helps with the balance of the team, and we saw his quality in the two passes he made for the goals. They were sharp, they were forward and they were quick, and that gives other people so much time.”

“When you delay that pass, defenders get back in front of players and it’s difficult. He gives other people opportunities because of the way he plays the game.”

One thing we like from Steve is he keeps asking for fans to pull in the same direction and help make Newcastle successful again – and we have seen very few demonstrations this season.

That´s even though this season basically – well at least up until now – has been an extension of last season´s living nightmare.

But there is a shining light at the end of the tunnel now, and while the win on Saturday was huge – we have to follow that up with another good display at Watford on Saturday and go all out for another win.

Wins and more wins are what will save us this season.

And who knows, while we don´t want to get too excited or carried away –  things may even be upbeat before the last game of the season, because we may even be safe before then.

That would be something – something positive!!

Howay The Lads!!