This Could Be A Really Bad Idea

Steve McClaren has arranged with Sunderland manager Sam Allardyce a behind the scenes “friendly” game at the Stadium of Light to keep the lads match fit,  with this weekend being the 4th round of the FA Cup and both clubs have already been eliminated.

And the idea seems to have gone over like a lead balloon with fears there will be some injuries picked up – the last thing we need at this stage of the season with both north-east clubs in the relegation zone.

steve mcclaren snowing traiuning

Steve McClaren – Newcastle manager

So as well as being rivals – we are now fighting relegation together – what a sad state of affairs.

Newcastle vs Sunderland and friendly seems to be an oxymoron, so we just have to hope the friendly goes over without incident or injury.

But if there are injuries picked up in the game then make no mistake – both managers will face some extreme criticism.

We are having a bit of a break this weekend before we play at Everton next Wednesday night and at home to West Brom the following Saturday and we need at least one win in those games.

The emphasis from now on is to get results and there will be some (significant) pressure on Steve McClaren to do just that.

Results are now more important than performances, so in each game we need to find a way of winning and not just play well and fight hard.

Wins are what will save us this season.

In five of our last seven games we have managed to find a way of losing and that must change, especially since we will in all likelihood have brought in a total of four new players for at least another £30M by next Wednesday.

And Steve McClaren still has a lot of convincing to do with fans, because our results this season – 21 points from 23 games – are simply horrendous.

There’s no getting away from that – those are the facts – it’s not an opinion.

What do you think?

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