What’s Newcastle’s Plan In Case Rob Elliot Is Injured?

We keep wondering what Newcastle´s plan is in case the impressive Rob Elliot is injured?

Ir seems a reasonable question – if we don´t bring in cover at goalkeeper does that mean we will rely on the untested Karl Darlow and Freddie Woodman?

rob elliot saves again bournemouth

Rob Elliot – he’s been great for us this season
What happens if he gets injured?

We had thought at one time  we could have signed Steve Harper to a six month deal if Rob became injured, but that’s no longer possible after he signed on at Sunderland last week.

Newcastle must have a plan for what to do if Rob is injured and not (pretend to) be surprised and curse our bad luck if that happens – the powers that be have had plenty of warning.

It’s called planning for things that may happen – which Newcastle are not very good at.

And you don’t plan things assuming everything will be OK, as Newcastle often seem to do and that get into deep trouble.

You plan for certain events possibly happening so you can react (and know what to do) when and if they do happen.

If there’s one thing that could really hurt us in our run-in it’s having Rob injured and we all know he still had that dodgy thigh.

He’s been a standout for us so far this season since Tim Krul was injured playing for the Netherlands last October.

So you would expect Newcastle to have a plan in case he does get injured.

And since we don´t seem to be wanting to strengthen our defense in this window – we have the third worst defense in the Premier League –  then we have to assume those running the club think our defense is good enough for the all important run-in.

There are five days left in the window so still time for new arrivals.

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