Townsend – McClaren Has Filled Me With Huge Confidence

Andros Townsend has said that Steve McClaren has shown him a 10 minute video he made of him – and he went through it with our new arrival and Steve pointed out both the good things and the areas of improvement with his play that the Newcastle head coach wants to see from Andros as an out-and-out winger on Tyneside.

andros townsend 2

Andros Townsend in training yesterday

Steve also told Andros the things he wants to see him do more of at Newcastle and it was things like taking on the defender, getting crosses in and having some shots at goal – something Andros may do too much of at times.

Basically it’s old fashioned wing play.

This is what Andros said yesterday about the video Steve showed him.

“The manager has basically shown me video clips of me out of possession, running back, helping the full-back, on both sides, me in possession, taking full-backs on, getting in crosses, shots, scoring goals.”

“Basically filling me with huge confidence and knowing I have a manager up here who has huge faith in me and belief in my ability.”

That’s good man management from Steve McClaren, because it shows Townsend that Steve did his homework on him and he knows exactly how he will fit into the Newcastle aside and what Townsend’s  job will be.

That’s got to give Andros a lot of confidence right from the start f his career at Newcastle, and it’s some impressive coaching from Steve McClaren.

Andros also showed he is a down to earth guy with this comment yesterday:

“I knew that I needed to play football if I was going to make a permanent move in January and hit the ground running.”

“If I had been all big time and started believing all the hype and thinking I was too good for the Spurs U-21s, then it would not have benefited me come January.”

“So you kind of take ego out of the equation, buckle down and play football at any level I could get –  and hopefully reap the benefits from that.”

Those are good words from Andros Townsend.

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