Two Managers Waiting To Take Over At Newcastle?

There’s just no doubt that Steve McClaren is under some pressure to deliver the results for Newcastle United in the run-in to the Premier League – we have 15 league games left and we need at least 20 points to ensure we are safe this season.

We have to do a lot better than we did in the first 23 games when we took only 21 points.

And since Mike Ashley was willing to spend money in January like it was going out of style – we expect him to have a back-up plan just in case Steve McClaren cannot produce the results with the four good players we have brought in this month.


Mike Ashley – huge financial investment for Newcastle

Of course it would be best for all concerned if McClaren can produce the results, because a new manager isn’t always a silver bullet by any means – and it means a disruption for the players both in training and the way they are coached to play during matches.

NBC Sports Network covers the Premier league over here in the states and they do a great job.

The Mail’s Neil Ashton is on fairly regularly going through the football news in the English papers, but he also covers all the rumors (same thing?) – some of which he makes up.


So last night when Neil was on a program for the end of the transfer window he suggested that it would be former Liverpool and Swansea manager Brendan Rodgers who would be Mike Ashley’s choice to replace Steve McClaren- if Newcastle fall into another slump.

We have currently lost five of the last seven games so you could even say we are in a slump right now.

Neil comes over as a “bad news” agent – but hey that’s what the media reports – bad news which is made even better when it’s sensational bad news.

There was once about a couple of months ago when Neil said he had some good news he wanted to talk about and the NBC host Rebecca Lowe interrupted and said – “wow Neil Ashton with some good news?”

We really don’t know who Mike Ashley would call on if Steve cannot get us winning games – but he’s only had English managers and one Irish manager in his almost nine years at Newcastle  and he’s had 8 managers at the club – if you include interim manager John Carver.

So both Brendan Rodgers and David Moyes meet that requirement.

Both are also available at the moment and they both have good records and have been more successful than Steve McClaren.

They would also be willing to take over on Tyneside, given that there seems to be a new ambition at the club.

This would only happen if McClaren cannot start getting wins – and let’s be very clear – we hope that’s exactly what he does.

But in any business you always have to plan for what may happen.

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