Alarm Bells “Should” Be Going Off Very Loud At Newcastle

There is no way this newcatsle squad is one of the three worst squads in the Premier League but that’s where we are at the moment 3rd bottom of the league with a measly 21 points from 24 games – the worst we have ever performed in the Premier League.

And who do you look at when the best is not being brought out of the players.

Yes – the players themselves – but the head coach is responsible for getting the best he can out of the players available and Steve McClaren simply hasn’t done that this season.

jamaal lascelles sent off

Jamaal Lascelles sent off tonight

Some of the displays have been good but they are few and far between and tonight after the game the Newcastle head coach admitted we were back to the poor way we were playing three or four months ago.

He’s right.

But when are we going to start getting some wins – and they are only 14 game left now.

Lee Charnley is fond of saying we will not have any knee-jerk reactions and when John Carver lost 9 of the last 11 games we didn’t see any knee-jerk reactions.

But we almost became a Championship club in the last game of last season.

Things have been no better this season – in fact they are worse because we have been down in the relegation zone all season.

We’ve never had a season like this in the Premier League ever.

And tonight McClaren couldn’t even talk after the game about being unlucky and playing really well although we lost – in short we were a disaster tonight – and we picked up injuries to two defenders – Paul Dummett and Chancel Mbemba.

It looks to us like Paul Dummett came back to early and we almost forgot – Jamaal Lascelles managed to get himself sent off deep into injury time.

A pity we didn’t strengthen the defense in January.

It’s going to be up to Mike Ashley to decide how many more game she is going to give McClaren who cannot possibly have a good case for why he shouldn’t be sacked.

We have 4 points from the last 28 points played for in the Premier League.

Other new managers at West Ham, Watford and Leicester have done just fine this season.

Steve McClaren was not appointed by Mike Ashley but by Lee Charnley a couple of days after he was given the sack by Derby County for poor performance in the second half of last season.

His performance this season at Newcastle has not improved on that.

That’s the truth – we have nothing against Steve McClaren – it’s just that he’s simply not good enough to now save Newcastle United from relegation – it’s gone on too long.

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