Newcastle Crowd So Important To Survival

It´s well known in the football world that Newcastle have some of the best fans in the world, but they have been sorely tested over the last year by a series of displays that simply haven´t been good enough and the last time out at Everton was a case in point.

We were still in the game with two minutes to go at 1-0 down but two daft penalties we gave away made the result that much worse – 3-0 – and did nothing to help our goal difference which is now a pathetic -19.

That was our exact goal difference when we were relegated back in 2009 with 34 points and if we get a point a game in our last 14 games we will end up with 35 points and be relegated again.



The Newcastle crowd

Bear in mind we haven´t been able to get a point a game in our first 24 games with just 21 points and just 5 wins.

So we must starting picking up wins – especially in home games and that´s where the home crowd can really help and make a huge difference and help us survive.

We need wins and some big ones to improve the situation, but that´s looking like it could be very difficult and as Steve McClaren promised us a few weeks ago – this is likely to go down to the wire –  the last game of the season for the second time running.

That should help the nerves.

That statement had to send shivers down the spines of those who run Newcastle as well as the fans, because the last thing everybody expected this season was another relegation fight.

So as we said, it´s been a really testing time for Newcastle fans and the absolute Newcastle nightmare – relegation to the Championship from the Premier this season is now possible.

At one time that was thinkable but now it´s a real possibility with each defeat – and we have had five of those in our last seven league games.

The expected upturn in form just hasn´t arrived yet, although Steve McClaren seems to talk about that possibility after every defeat.

A Newcastle crowd fully behind the team can really help us to get  a win tomorrow and that would be great.

But then we cannot afford to lose our next two games on the road at Chelsea and Stoke and if we are to survive this season – we also have to have some wins on the road in the last 14 games.

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