Florian Thauvin Blasts Back At Alan Shearer Criticism

Florian Thauvin, the talented 23-year-old winger moved to Newcastle in the summer for what now looks like a massive £13M and his signing was a bit out of the blue.

That was because in August there was pressure to sign a Premier League striker and a top center-back and yet we brought in another winger from France.

And bear in mind that was one year after we had signed a similar type of player in Remy Cabella,  who had failed to make the grade in England and was sent on an initial loan deal to Marseille which will be made permanent this summer.

florian thauvin

Florian Thauvin arriving for Watford game

This is how Alan Shearer criticized Florian on BBC’s Match of the Day  before the home game with Watford on September 19th which we lost 2-1.

“He turns up in a tux!”  “This is a serious business we’re in here, it was funny on the first day of the season, it’s not funny any more.”

“When Newcastle walked out they didn’t look focus or prepared – that was for the warm-up.”

Shearer also posted this on his Twitter account after the game:

“Florian Thauvin lost possession 33 times against Watford today, (easily) more than any other player involved!”

Thauvin believes that criticism was unfair as he had this to say to L’Equipe today:

“In England, before each home match, we had to wear a suit to the stadium,” “It’s the tradition.

But on that day, Alan Shearer has violently criticized me and said that I thought I was above everyone else when I was not alone in wearing a bow tie!”

“Why is it always me? I would like to be left alone.”

“I’ve had moments when my behaviour was maybe not appropriate. But you learn from these mistakes and everyone seems to forget I’m only 23.”

“It’s a new experience, a new league, a new way of life,”  “It’s allowed me to look back on the two years I had at Marseille and allowed me to understand certain things.”

Florian is supposed to return to Newcastle in the summer, but we’d be surprised if that happens.

And part of maturity is when you are criticized sometimes you just have to take it, because responding to it can make things worse.

We still are very willing for Thauvin to return to Newcastle in the summer and make a success of things.

It would be difficult but not impossible.

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