McClaren On Defensive – Talks About The Rain In Spain

We don’t find much wrong with Newcastle going to southern Spain to get some good outdoor training in before the next game at Stoke City on 2nd March – just as long as they are fully prepared and ready for that next road game.

We were not ready for the last two away games at Everton and Chelsea and got 8 goals hammered past us – and it’s not good enough to keep losing away games like we did yesterday at Stamford Bridge.

It was also another completely unacceptable performance – when we need to get some away wins on the board.

We can appreciate why some hard-working Newcastle fans who turn up every single day for work may have some concerns about these highly paid  players having a trip to sunny Spain, after a number of them failed to turn up for work yesterday.

steve mcclaren snowing traiuning

Steve McClaren – shouldn’t need this gear in southern Spain

Newcastle are without a game for the next two and a half weeks because we are (as usual) out of the FA Cup this next weekend and Manchester City are in the League Cup final the next weekend – so that game needs to be rescheduled.

Newcastle will visit La Manga next week and will do double training sessions every day – and that seems like  a PR move to put that information out.

Newcastle will play a friendly against Norwegian club Lillestrom next Saturday afternoon and that will give some of our players returning from injury some much needed match practice.

Steve was asked about the Spain trip at his press conference after the 5-1 defeat at Chelsea yesterday – and he seemed to go on the defensive:

“I don’t know why people are saying it’s a warm weather trip – it could be pouring down where we’re going. Nobody knows that.

“We wanted to refocus the boys and get them together, and get some good work in. Get some fitness work in and some organisation work in.”

“We also wanted to arrange a game. We’ve tried like mad to arrange a game in this country, but we’ve been unable to do that.”

“The only one we can get is foreign opposition in a foreign country. So we have to do that because I think a game is important.”

“It’s a training camp, and it’s for work. I’m looking forward to that, with two sessions a day and plenty of organisation and fitness work.

“It’ll help us get ready for the last 12 games.”

It’s called a warm weather trip for warm weather training because the weather is warm in southern Spain right now.

It has nothing at all to do with whether it’s raining or not – so not sure what Steve’s point is – maybe that the weather could be less than perfect?

My brother Rod spends part of the winters away from Newcastle in southern Spain each year.

If yesterday’s game is anything to go be we need some major organization work especially in defense, where we were just terrible yesterday  – it was an embarrassment in that first half.

We look forward to better things ahead and maybe two wins in succession at Stoke and then at home to Bournemouth.

That’s what we need – we are getting too close for comfort to being relegated having dropped back to 3rd bottom place – and  we need wins and probably at least five of them before the end of the season id we are to survive.

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