Newcastle Edging Closer To Most Humiliating Relegation Ever

There’s just no way in the world that Newcastle’s squad is one of the worst three in the Premier League and in fact if some pundits were put together to judge the strength of the squads in the PL  we would be somewhere in the top ten.

Newcastle should be after spending £81M on new players since last summer, but with our record in the Premier League you would never have believed it.

Yesterday’s disastrous display and result – a 5-1 hammering at Stamford Bridge – was not the first time we have been humiliated on the road this season – when our players failed to show up and were 3-0 down after only 17 minutes and the game was already lost.

steve mcclaren - cheslea had just equalized

Steve McClaren – yes – it’s really bad

In terms of our current record in the Premier League  here are some stats:

  • We are 3rd bottom of the league with 24 points from 26 games
  • Newcastle have lost 14 of their 26 games
  • We have conceded 49 goals – the second worst in the division
  • Newcastle have scored only 17 goals the 4th worst in the division
  • Our goal difference is -22 – the worst in the division
  • It’s the first time in our PL history we have been in the bottom four all season

Teams like Norwich and Bournemouth don’t have anywhere near the facilities or the financial strength that Newcastle have, but they are both above us in the league table with only 12 games to go and their players they turn up to away games..

And if we are relegated this season it would be so much worse than we were relegated seven years ago with 34 points from the 38 league games.

So much worse.

In the last three years we have received about £80M from the Premier League every May and the new three year TV rights deal of £5.1B deal that begins in the summer, would see us get around £140M for finishing mid-table.

With Newcastle being such a rich club – we are the 17th richest based on revenue in the latest Deloitte Money League – and having spent more on players than any other club this season – it would be a humiliating and embarrassing relegation if we  go down.

The first time ever that a club that spends more than any other club in the transfer market that season is relegated.

The players have to take some responsibility for that.

We noticed when we were 3-0 down yesterday too many of our players looked like they would like to run off the field and get it over with – they showed no guts or fight whatsoever – it was shameful for Newcastle United.

They were awful and they shamed the short.

But remember the role of a head coach is to get the very best out of the players he has available – and Steve McClaren has  a lot of good players now available to him.

And on that score Steve has woefully and tragically under-performed as a coach throughout this season starting off the season with just 3 points from the first eight games.

In our view back in June he should never have even been offered the job – because he had done nothing to qualify him for the Newcastle head coach position.

He had just been fired by Derby County.

It was another disastrous choice by Lee Charnley the Managing Director, who seems way over his head in the job he has held for less than two years now.

We don’t think Steve McClaren can keep us in the Premier League, so if Mike Ashley does not make a bold move in the next couple of days to quickly replace him – we think Newcastle will be relegated.

And we’d deserve to go down because of the many mistakes made by those running Newcastle over the last two or three years.

If we do go down there will be books written on how inept and incompetent those leading Newcastle have been over the last few years.

In another article today we will list the three big mistakes that Newcastle have made that have caused the club to be in the mess it is right now.

For the people of Newcastle and for the fans around the world who are now able to see the games on TV and support the lads – it would be an absolute and complete disaster.

It’s been close to torture watching Newcastle over these last three seasons, as the club has let their fans down.

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  • gorgonzola ( former Pecorino former to gorgonzola)

    Feb 14, 2016 at 7:22 AM

    Comment #1

    Its Sunday Morning and McLaren is not sacked….

    F@ck me…..Ashley really is dumber than I thought he was. Wow.
    Its like betting on the worst odds possible and insisting on them.

    The script is complete, relegation just has to happen.
    One would think nobody is this thick in the head.

  • jesperfuglsang - capt'n awesome of the lemon crew

    Feb 14, 2016 at 7:48 AM

    Comment #2

    Ed…actually they have just created a Ph.D at the University of Newcastle based on how inept and incompetent those leading Newcastle have been over the last few years;

    Sadly it will take three years of so before we know the conclusion (even though we have a really good guess 😉 )

  • Ravostag

    Feb 14, 2016 at 5:15 PM

    Comment #3

    Ed you are assuming that the 81m had been spent wisely which clearly it has not! With the exception of Mbemba the jury is out on the majority of Carr’s signings over the past 2 years.We have a gaggle of alleged first teamers who are not fit for purpose either injured on a regular basis, on loan or simply not good enough, such as Goode , Marveaux, De Jong, Saylor, Cabella, Thauvin, Haidara, Obertan, Krul
    and possibly Dummett. Watching Leicester this lunchtime highlights our very poor recruitment policy when you look at bargain buys such as Drinkwater, Morgan, Huth, Vardy, Mahrez, Fuchs, Kante, Schmeichel and Allbrighton , most of whom are rejects from other Clubs or bargain buys.we have a Coach who clearly can not organise or motivate a group of under achieving Premier Leagueplayers


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