Newcastle Have Learned Nothing From Last Season

Steve McClaren delivered his press conference last Saturday night in a fairly calm way after another away disaster – this time at Chelsea and we lost 5-1.

It was the next road game after we had been pummelled 3-0 at Everton in a game the manager called an unacceptable performance.

We should also point out that both teams were having trouble winning games at home – before Newcastle arrived.

lee charnley

Lee Charnley – indecisive in crisis situation – he does nothing
Nor even a knee jerk reaction

Steve McClaren has had lots of experience in detailing exactly how we lost this game – since Newcastle  now have lost 14 of 26 league games this season and are back in 3rd bottom place but his job is not in peril according to the local newspapers.

This time it was because we gifted 3 goals to the home side in the first 17 minutes of the game and it was all over as a competition.

At any other club Steve McClaren would have been fired before now.

Jamie Redknapp has said it was the most incompetent display he has seen from a Premier League side this season in that first half – and he may be close to bring right on that – it was shameful and shambolic – and that’s being kind!

It seems Newcastle have learned nothing from last season when in the final 11 games of the season we picked up 4 points in 33.

But the woeful John Carver stayed on as the head coach when we could have been relegated on that last day – but we beat West Ham 2-0 our first win in eleven games.

So we had a run of 10 games with one single point under John Carver and he still kept his job.

We never thought Newcastle would be in relegation trouble so soon, especially after Mike Ashley gave out £52M to spend last summer – but we were wrong.

If you don’t learn from your mistakes then history repeats itself and those who run Newcastle seem to have learned nothing at all from last season.

Otherwise why would we be in this same position with relegation threatening?

We failed to hire a good coach last summer and failed to strengthen the defense which had conceded 190 goals in the previous three seasons.

We still don’t have a recognized Premier League striker in the ranks and find it difficult to score goals.

On Saturday it was the lack of new defenders that was laid bare by a schoolboy display of defending that was very difficult to watch for Newcastle fans.

We will now probably go down to the last day of the season to see if we are relegated or not – just like last season.

The Newcastle Board who are running the club just don’t seem to not be good enough to so the job, with Lee Charnley again not knowing what to do in this case of crisis at Newcastle.

So he does nothing.

As we said they haven’t learned anything from last season.

If changes are to be made then it will have to be owner Mike Ashley who steps in.

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