Joey Barton’s Spot On With What’s Wrong With Newcastle

We repeat ourselves regularly when we say Newcastle have had a terrible defense for three years now – and the facts are right there to back it up  – and it’s frustrating that Newcastle still have not fixed the problem.

And to think our poor defense could be the main reason why we get relegated this season.

That’s one of the things we mean when we say the club is being poorly run over the last few years.

We have conceded 49 goals in 26 games so far and that’s on track to be our most goals conceded ever in the Premier League – 72.

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Sam Allardyce – concentrated on Sunderland defense first

So why has our defense not been strengthened – that’s a very good question for Lee Charnley next Monday night in the Fans Forum meeting.

And it just so happens that former Newcastle midfielder Joey Barton has been speaking to BBC Radio 5 Live’s Monday Night Club show.

Joey quite brilliantly explains in a couple of paragraphs the difference between Newcastle and Sunderland, who now have the experienced and wily Sam Allardyce in charge.

“That’s the difference between Sunderland and Newcastle at this moment in time. Sam’s gone in and made defending his priority, getting clean sheets and staying in games.”

“You looked at Newcastle against Chelsea, and it would be unfair on defending to call that defending.”

”They’ve bought Shelvey – who’s a decent player – and Townsend – who’s a decent player – but they need defenders.”

We even think that Sunderland under Sam Allardyce have more chance then Newcastle under Steve McClaren of surviving this season – and the Black Cats are just one point behind the Magpies now.

Sam has loads of experience of how to take a side with poor players and save it from relegation – Sam and Tony Pulis are probably the two experts at that.

Sunderland made a great move by hiring the big man.

We have spent £81M this season on new players but the weakness before we spent that money is still the weakness after we spent the money – a poor defense.

And come to think of it the other weakness is that we still don’t have a recognized Premier League striker.

So it’s great that Ashley is coughing up the money now, but if it’s not spent on the right players it doesn’t do that much good.

And so it has turned out so far this season.

When you were building a good team in the past it was always the defense you fixed first, so you had a solid foundation and could keep the team in games.

Just like you build the foundations first when building a house and that’s exactly what big Sam has done at the Black Cats.

With Newcastle we can lose games in the first 17 minutes by leaking goals – as we found out at Stamford Bridge on Saturday.

This doesn’t reflect well at all on the Newcastle Board of Directors who select the players to buy.

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