Newcastle Player’s Recipe To Avoid The Drop

Steven Taylor had a good game at home to West Brom in the vital 1-0 win, but he didn’t have much to do and on the day West Brom were terrible and Tony Pulis said as much at the end of the game.

But last Saturday the Baggies were much better at Everton and got a 1-0 win – something we didn’t get close to when we played at Goodison Park recently and looked a shambles as we came away with a 3-0 trouncing.

Steven had a poor game on Saturday at Stamford Bridge and was culpable for two of the three goals they scored in the first 17 minutes and it showed up his lack of match fitness.

steven taylor

Steven Taylor – fit again after five months out

That was only his second game since last August when he was injured at Old Trafford.

Steven Taylor has been interviewed today and he says we need wins if we are to survive in the Premier League this season.

“At St James’, we’re a different side.” “Away from home it hasn’t been good enough, hasn’t been acceptable.”

“We need to turn it around. There are 12 games left now, and we have to start winning games. That’s massively important now.”

“Even draws won’t be good enough. We have to win. Three points are a must.” “We tried to take the game to Chelsea and attack them, and they did that to us.”

“They were straight on us. They didn’t give us any time to breathe on the ball. They closed down our midfield.”

Maybe if Steven can hit some consistent form through the end of the season he can help his local club survive, because it’s obvious our defense is simply not good enough.

The fact we haven’t strengthened it enough over the last two transfer windows is starting to hurt us big time now.

If we do survive this season and that’s still an “if”  – we have to bring in some top defenders in the summer and start a huge rebuilding effort and have a missive clear-out.

We’re not sure what happens if we are relegated.

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