Why Newcastle Will Not Appoint Rafa Benitez

We’ve wondered a lot about why Newcastle didn’t go after some of the top coaches after Alan Pardew left the club.

And the answer we came up was that the head coach at Newcastle does not have an awful lot of power and it seems that Graham Carr is the one who principally decides which players come into the club.

Although it looks like Steve McClaren may have had some influence last month on some of the transfers, because we signed two Englishmen.

Rafa Benitez -turista-a-Napoli

Rafa Benitez – would not come to Newcastle

But in the summer the players coming in were all Graham Carr choices, which is why the manager could have been anybody and the Board went about their transfer business as usual – they (Graham Carr in particular) had already decided who would be coming in.

That’s one reason we think Newcastle do not want a manager with a strong personality or strong views because he could upset the apple cart.

And since the Board appoints the manager they wanted somebody who would fit in with the current system – which we may add hasn’t worked for three years at Newcastle.

So when we hear that Newcastle may be interested in Rafa Benitez  – we don’t think he would want to come to Tyneside and we don’t think the current Board would want him either.

Not until things are changed so the manager has more control, since he still seems to be solely responsible for the results whether he gets the players he wants or not.

The only way that will change is if Mike Ashley changes the way transfers are decided upon – but it seems last May he let the Board do it in whatever way they wanted to run things.

That’s also why they must be held accountable if we go down.

It’s simply not working at Newcastle and that’s why we are in trouble after £81M has been spent on eight new players and we are still 3rd bottom of the league.

Seems like it may be time to move to a system that could work at Newcastle, because the current one doesn’t.

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