Why The Board Must Only Act In Newcastle’s Best Interests

With only 12 games to go it´s looking like Newcastle may not be as lucky as last season when we escaped relegation on the very last day of the season.

But to all0w a manager with just 24 points from 26 games and 14 defeats to stay on is asking for trouble and we will probably get it.

People running Newcastle at all levels of the club are culpable for this season, which has been an absolutely and utter disaster for the club so far.

lee charnley close-up

Lee Charnley – Newcastle Managing Director

As far as the facts go it´s the worst season in Newcastle´s Premier League history as far as results and stats are concerned.

And Steve McClaren has performed worse than any other manager for at least twenty years at Newcastle.

We read a rather strange article in the Chronicle yesterday that was intimating the Board have been pleased with Newcastle’s home form of late and are reluctant to fire McClaren.

Since the 1st of December we have won three, drawn two and lost one at home – six games and 11 points – and that’s good.

But you cannot just look at home form and we have played seven games away from home since 1st December and won one – against Tottenham – and lost the other six.

That’s not very good.

Six of those games were in the league so we have 3 points from those six away games – so in the last 12 league games we have 14 points.

If we repeat that in the final games of the season we will end up on 38 points and maybe just avoid relegation again – we had 39 points last season.

The problem we see is one reason the Board seem unwilling to fire McClaren until the situation could be really hopeless is that they appointed him in the first place.

Mike Ashley had nothing to do with it.

But they can’t let emotion come into decision-making when the safety of Newcastle United in the Premier League is under threat.

When you allow emotions to enter into business decisions you are usually in big trouble – they have to act only for the benefit of the club – that’s their job.

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