Newcastle Likely Just To Stick With McClaren

We have read a few articles this week in the Chronicle and a common theme is the last thing Lee Charnley wants to do is to bring in a new manager to replace Steve McClaren, even though the head coach has struggled in the job all season and his record is simply hopeless.

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But it also seems the last thing Lee wanted to do last season was to bring in a new manager and the inept John Carver was therefore allowed to stay in the job, even though he had only one point from the previous 10 games before we won the very last game of the season and only just survived.

steve mcclaren - cheslea had just equalized

Steve McClaren – we’ve seen too much of this

John was then fired in early June but not before he was still pushing for the job full time after he had saved Newcastle  in the final game.

The general consensus after the second away disaster in a row at Chelsea last Saturday was that McClaren would have to do well in the next two games to survive and keep his job.

But we now wonder how true that really is – and how long Lee Charnley is willing to wait this season – waiting for the results under Steve  to pick up.

They didn´t pick up under John Carver last season and we were more than lucky to get away with survival- no thanks to Lee Charnley.

Only if we lose badly to Stoke will there be more cries that McClaren will have to go, but would Newcastle really  fire him before the next vital game three days later at home to Bournemouth.

Probably not – and then we would even be favorites to beat Bournemouth – a massive game for us.

So if we lose to Stoke it´s unlikely Steve will be fired and then if we beat Bournemouth we are back to square one – and McClaren continues in the job.

Newcastle have never come good this season so far, other than a couple of successive wins against Liverpool and Tottenham and a home point against bottom of the table Aston Villa.

But after those 7 points from three games we lost the next four games – all of them by 1-0.

But in our last two away defeats they were 3-0 at Everton and 5-1 at Chelsea so the defense has given out again.

There have even be reports the Board still he is the right long term manager for Newcastle, but what the exact logic is behind that we have no idea.

Maybe a good question for Lee at the Fans Forum meeting on Monday night?

The suspicion seems to be the Newcastle Board will give Steve McClaren every chance possible to survive and rescue Newcastle.

But the risk is if there are no improvements in results and the Board realize McClaren must be replaced – it will be too late – as it almost was last season.

And how many good managers would take over with so few games to play?

As we say often – if you don’t learn from your past mistakes then history always repeats itself.

One of the reasons we are so concerned that we will take the drop in May is that there doesn’t seem to be the will at the club to do what’s necessary to fix the problem.

What do you think?

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