Some Unsurprising Messages Coming Out Of La Manga Camp

It seems that after the debacle and humiliation following the Chelsea 5-1 defeat Newcastle went into overdrive on public relations stuff.

The word last Saturday was that Lee Charnley got with Steve McClaren before the manager went to do his post game interviews – and the message they decided to put out after maybe the worst performance of the season – was to keep calm.

And that’s what we’ve also heard coming out of the La Manga camp and in addition that things have been positive in the  camp and the word being carefully leaked to the local press is the powers that be at Newcastle think we are good enough to survive this season.

And the players just cannot wait to go in against Stoke City and start picking up those wins we need.

Well goody for them.

steve mcclaren and players la manga

Steve McClaren with players at the La Manga club

And did you really believe anything else would emanate from Spain other than it was a good camp and our players were upbeat and looking good and are ready to face the final 12 games of what has been another horrendous season?

Newcastle’s leadership on the field with our players and off the field  in the form of the Newcastle Board are simply inept – that’s the unfortunate truth – it’s hard to see any real leadership at Newcastle this season.

We wrote a piece earlier today suggesting the very last thing Lee Charnley and company want to do is to replace Steve McClaren.

After all it was Lee’s job to get a new manager in over the summer and he picked somebody who has now presided over the worst Premier League season in Newcastle’s history.

So all this nonsense about the boys being upbeat and positive and they will do their very best to get the wins we need to survive is simply PR nonsense.

As far as we are concerned all this stuff means absolutely nothing, because the only thing that matters now is how we do in each of the remaining 12 games starting at Stoke on March 2nd and then against Bournemouth at home.

What the players say – as we have learned in the past and during our relegation season – means nothing at all.

It would be an improvement if our players decide to turn up at the Britannia Stadium on March 2nd.

Newcastle have shown far too many times this season they are so frail they can collapse at any moment in a game and get thrashed.

All this PR nonsense is simply that – nonsense.

We just don’t see the urgency or the courage at Newcastle right now – and that’s what ‘s needed in difficult times when difficult decisions need to be made.

What Newcastle appear to believe is taking courageous and decisive action to save Newcastle is nothing more than a knee jerk reaction.

It seems like Newcastle’s answer to any problem is to do nothing and quietly hope for the best.

The real test will be in the upcoming games – that’s all that matters now – not that players are upbeat and enjoying the jolly in Spain this week.

But it’s all about whether our players will stand up and be counted and be willing to fight for the shirt when things get tough in games.

Or just give up like they’ve done too many times this season and in the last two away games and shamed the great Newcastle United Football club.

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