This Is The Manager Newcastle Need Today

Steve McClaren has said he thinks the squad Newcastle have is very capable of seeing us through this terrible situation the team finds itself in of being 3rd bottom with a measly 12 games to play.

But before we get too carried away that’s essentially what he said after last summer’s transfer window closed and also just after last month’s transfer window closed.

But we are still losing game heavily away from home 5-1 and 3-0 in the last two –  and have only six wins in 26 league games in the worst season ever for Newcastle in the Premier League.

Newcastle United Training Session

Steve McClaren and players in La Manga this week

When you consider a head coach’s responsibility is getting the best out of the players available to him Steve has done a lousy job at Newcastle this season.

There’s just no getting away from that and we think with good coach like the ones West Ham, Watford and Leicester hired last summer we would easily be in the top ten by now.

And after remembering the great Sir Bobby Robson yesterday on what would have been his 83 rd birthday, he would have had this side in the top six this season.

We remember well when Bobby took over the side which had one point from the first seven games and he transformed it into a side that finished 11th with 52 points.

He got 51 points from 31 games.

That was simply a magnificent display of coaching from the great man – and he never got the credit he deserved for doing that – nut took us to be 4th, 3rd and 5th in his last three seasons of five in charge.

And then he was fired by Freddy Shepherd.

It was a poor dejected squad that Bobby took over in September 1999 – but he inspired his players into doing great for him and for Newcastle.

Today we have a much better squad than 1999, but one that is underperforming throughout this season.

Here are the latest comments from Steve McClaren:

“The break is good for us.” “It’s 18 days in terms of reflection, getting players fit and some players fitter, and going again.”

“I think in terms of home truths, they get that (criticism of pathetic away form) every day, not just from us but from fans, from the media, from everybody.”

“They know it and sometimes it’s a progression thing and we have to build that, but we certainly need to start picking up points away from home if we are going to climb out of this.”

“We need to stay calm and stable.” “We’ve got 12 games and what’s in that dressing room is very capable of seeing us through this.”

We really hope Steve is right about that.

We’ll just point out the irony and how things have changed from 2004.

That was when managers were held to a higher standard and  fired for not finishing in the top four – never mind today when managers keep their job when the team has been in the bottom four all season long and when they get a single point from ten successive league games.

It’s an eye opener if nothing else – and Bobby will be looking down from above and thinking it’s at least an interesting situation at Newcastle this season.

Comments welcome.