Take A Look – Video – When Newcastle United Were Great!

Just two fantastic photographs today in the Chronicle showing Newcastle United fans queuing for tickets in 1956 after we had been drawn against Sunderland in the quarter finals of the FA Cup.

And we have a Pathe News video on the highlights of the game.

Remember we had won the FA Cup the year before when we took Manchester City to the cleaners 3-1 and we had won it in 1951 by dismantling Blackpool and Stanley Matthews 2-0 and then taking Arsenal apart 1-0 the following year.

Look at this picture.

newcastel fans this is apssion

Newcastle fans waiting to buy tickets for the 1956 FA Cup quarter finals

I’m pretty sure my Dad and I are in the crowd somewhere but having some trouble spotting where we are – we should be near the front.


But this shows you just why Newcastle United are a huge and famous club with tremendous fans and why we are not being served well right now by those running the club.

They really need to get their act together.

And here is another picture of just how long the queue stretched.

newcastle queue for fa cup sunderland

The only bad news in this story is that we were beaten 2-0 by Sunderland with two goals coming from center forward Bill Holden on 3rd March 1956 in front of 61,500 at St. James’ Park.

We have video of the game below.

Manchester City went on to beat Birmingham 3-1 in the final on 5th May, 1956.

And yes – we have never won the FA Cup since although we were in the final a couple of times in successive years in 1998 and 1999 when we were beaten 2-0 – first by Arsenal in 1998 and then by Manchester United the following year.

Here is video from Pathe news of the game – as the (mighty)  Champions are eliminated by two lucky Sunderland goals – one right at the death.

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