Newcastle’s Ridiculous Response To Whether The Club Is In Crisis

In the minutes of the Fans Forum meeting on Monday night, which were finally released today. Newcastle deny almost anything negative at the club and some of the answers to specific questions are so high level and generic as to be almost pointless.

Newcastle have had the worst season ever in the Premier League after 26 games played with a meager 24 points and with 12 games to go we are in a relegation place – 3rd bottom of the league.

But those who run the club and are particularity accountable for this very poor season are very confident that we will remain a Premier League club come May.

lee charnley mike ashley

Lee Charnley and Mike Ashley

Here are the questions asked on whether Newcastle are in a crisis with the answers given by the club.



Paul Loughlin (PL): “With 12 games to go, is the club in a crisis?”


The club disagreed but understands its current league position and acknowledged it was very disappointing.

The club explained that the squad’s recent training camp in La Manga, Spain, was designed to help find solutions on the pitch in the final 12 games of the season. The camp was wholly focused on training and recovery, as well as a game.

The club appreciates the work required to move up the table and remains confident that it will remain in the Premier League at the end of the season.

Follow-up Question:

David Maudlin DM: “What is that belief based on?”


The club believes the quality in the squad and some of the team’s performances this season are positive indicators, but acknowledged that performances had not been consistent.


How about those for generic and high level answers to specific questions.

Some of the team’s performances this season – especially our last two away games – are very negative indicators.

Lee Charnley seems to pride himself on being calm and measured – no knee jerk reactions here – but his complete lack of experience in senior management is showing through in a major way – again.

Taking absolutely no action when it is warranted by a crisis is not what senior managers are paid to do.

What was that statement about Nero fiddled while Rome burned?

The Board and those who run Newcastle are responsible and accountable for how the club fare this season – so far it’s been a complete disaster.

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