Newcastle’s Answer To Why No Accountability For Failure

We have just read through the questions and answers from the minutes of the Fans Forum meeting on Monday night and we have to say they are very disappointing.

The questions are not really being answered in any substantial way, but rather they are high level responses which basically end up saying – things are really OK.

A good example is with Newcastle doing so poorly and missing targets right left and center recently,  why is there no accountability for failure at the club.


Lee Charnley – Newcastle’s Managing Director

Taylor Payne (TP) asked this very good question on accountability and noted the only manager that has been fired is Chris Hughton and most fans though Chris did a great job for us in the 18 months he was in charge.



TP: “Why is there seemingly no price for failure at NUFC. For a number of years now the club’s own targets have been failed to be met by those tasked with ensuring they do both at a coaching and boardroom level.

The only person to lose their job at NUFC in the last eight years at these levels was the one man who achieved his target and that was Chris Hughton.

This worrying trend is mirrored in the playing staff, where poor performances by so-called big name players are rewarded by another start for the first team due to a lack of options and depth in certain areas.

How does the club expect to improve when there is seemingly no price or consequence for underachievement?”


The club believes the squad now has strong options in most positions, enabling changes in team selection to be made where the head coach sees appropriate.

The club outlined its work to achieve a stable base, which it believes will help it to realise its aims in the medium and long term.

It was stated that frank discussions do go on internally and that the club’s models and systems are continually challenged in order to understand why targets aren’t reached.

The club identifies where it has gone wrong and then works towards the solutions.


Can somebody tell us where they answer the question that there seems no accountability at the club?

That’s hardly an answer to the question.

We don’t like to be too harsh, but at a first read through of the Fans Forum minutes this answer is very typical of the high level answers the club gives – which don’t really address the good questions being asked.

The word that comes to mind is whitewash.

Here are the minutes.

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