If Newcastle Stay Up This Should Proceed – Quickly

It was understandable when last year it looked like we could go down that the plans for the new world-class training facility at Benton were put on hold and since things have got worse than last season – then it’s not surprising that the work still has not started.

But Newcastle need to get the work completed at some stage so if we can survive this season and stay in the Premier League then hopefully some plans can be put in place to start and finally complete the work.

new training center - artisys impression

Proposed new training complex – plans improved

The new training facilities should help to attract top players to the club.

There was an update given on the new training facilities last Monday night at the Fans Forum meeting.

Steve Hastie representing NUFC Fans United asked for an update on the new training ground building.

This is the response from the club:

“As noted in the last Fans Forum (October 2015), the club explained that it had reviewed its construction plans to see if enhancements could be made.“

“Those improvements have been added, resulting in a superior facility to the original drawings.“

“Those plans are with architects and the club will proceed at the most appropriate time. The club still has the same desire to improve those facilities.”

There was then a follow-up question from Bryn Tennant, young persons representative on the Forum.


“When the new training centre facility is complete, will that mean training camps like the recent trip to La Manga are no longer necessary?”


“The club stated that training camps would still be an option, given the benefits of having the players training together and bonding as a team for an extended period.

“The club explained that it selected La Manga very carefully and plans were already in place in advance of the Chelsea game. The location enabled the squad to focus solely on training without distraction.

“It also presented the club with an opportunity to arrange a match given the proximity of other teams on training camps, such as Lillestrøm SK, given the extended period of time between Premier League games.”

There’s some truth in having training camps in warm weather places in the middle of winter, because it’s easier to get the physical work done outside – but the trips can also be good for team spirit with the players living and eating together for the time away.

You always get to know people better that way.

The only thing we suggest is the last game before they go on these future trips the players need to make sure they give 100% effort in the game – not like the disgrace at Chelsea.

As a reminder here is some of the literature that was put out by the club on the new training facilities when it was initially announced over two years ago in late November 2013:

“Newcastle United Football Club have announced plans for a stunning new state-of-the-art training complex as part of a multi-million pound redevelopment of the Club’s existing 35-acre training ground site.

“The current intention is that work will get underway in May 2015 and when complete in early 2016, the Magpies will occupy one of the finest training facilities of its kind in Europe.

“The Club’s current Training Centre building will be demolished and replaced by a much larger, high-tech structure.

“It will accommodate newly-designed changing, training, rehabilitation, medical, leisure and catering facilities and will also introduce the latest aquatic technology to the site, with a 20-metre swimming pool, a hydrotherapy and fitness pool and specialist equipment to aid injury prevention and recovery.

“The new construction will also create a fitness centre double the size of the Club’s existing gymnasium, as well as administrative space, a presentation suite for match analysis and a new media suite.”

And it’s good those initial plans have been improved.

So let’s hope we can survive this season and have a piece of that £8.3B of Premier League TV rights over the next three years – starting this summer.

It would be more than a tragedy if Newcastle are relegated.

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