Newcastle Want To Be Part Of New Massive £8.3B Deal

Richard Scudamore is the Executive Chairman of the Premier League and he has already completed the local TV rights for the Premier League for the next three years starting this summer for a massive £5.1B.

They are now very close to completing the sale of overseas TV rights for the same period and it looks like they will come in at £3.2B.

So that means for the next three years the Premier League will take in a total of £8.3B – a massive amount of money for what is the most popular sports league in the world – and the richest.

Rebecca Lowe is London-born but leads NBC's superb coverage of Premier League football in the US

Rebecca Lowe – host of PL coverage on NBC Sports Network in the US

And that’s a very big reason why Mike Ashley has spent £81M on new players this season so that Newcastle United can retain our Premier League status – although that’s by no means certain right now with 12 games to go.

The Mail on Sunday had a piece out last month, but at the time Newcastle were going though four defeats on the trot – all 1-0 – and we were probably curled up in a fetal position in the corner and missed the report.


Over here in the US, NBC Sports Network with Rebecca Lowe the host have already agreed to the next six years in hosting all Premier League games – and every single game is shown live either on TV or via streaming video.

Here’s the amounts being talked about world-wide – taken from the Mail report last month.

NBC will pay around $1B (£658M) for six more years of live rights starting this year and going through 2022, around £109.6M a year, and that’s close to double the £55M-a-year current three year deal that ends this summer.

The NBC coverage has studio analysts Robbie Mustoe, Robbie Earle and American Kyle Martino and they are a top team with Rebecca the host.

Gary Linekar comes on once a week to review the week’s events in the Premier League and the leading commentary team for the top games shown on TV each week is composed of Arlo White, Lee Dixon and Graeme Le Saux with other commentary teams covering the other matches.

Here’s a graphic showing just how much the Premier League overseas rights have soared since the league started back in 1992.

For fans like us – thousands of miles away from home base – it’s really important that Newcastle keep in the Premier League because we wont be able to get any of the games in the Championship.

The bigger reason of course is that it’s vital Newcastle need to be in England’s top division if we are ever to become great again.

That should be Newcastle’s only ambition – be the best club in the world and then act accordingly.

None of this nonsense about finishing in the top ten or even the top eight.


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