Whatever Newcastle Are DoIng On This – It’s Not Working

Newcastle are renowned for being at the top of the Injury Table in the Premier League almost every single season as injuries tend to decimate our squad, because it has never been very big to start with.

And at the Fans Forum meeting last Monday night a question was asked about the injuries we pick up every season and whether there was anything the club are doing to try to reduce the injuries.

lee charnley

Lee Charnley – Newcastle Managing Director

Here’s the question and answer from Monday night.



Alan Clark (AC): “We seem to be regularly top of the Premier League injury table. Are the club looking into this and also the players who are regularly injured?”


The club outlined the immense amount of data it gathers in order to analyse players’ performance on a daily basis.

While some injuries have been unlucky, the club pays very close attention to recurring injuries in order to lessen their frequency and ensure as many players are available to play as possible.


Well let’s just say what’s clear – whatever Newcastle are doing with that data on injuries – it’s certainly not helping to reduce the number of injuries we get in any way and we are well on top of the table this season.

Newcastle have been top of the Premier League Injury League for a long long time – so there’s something wrong somewhere.

Here’s is the latest Injury League for games so far in the Premier League.

injury league

It’s OK collecting all the data on injuries, but if we cannot reduce the number of injuries something else should be tried.

Maybe even get some experts in to review how the club handles injuries, how we train, how we warm up, how we warm down and the like.

And we saw recently it’s possible that Newcastle sustain injuries during a warm-down when Colo picked up his calf injury in La Manga and he didn’t even play in the game.

This is very important stuff because every season the team we can put out on the field is compromised because players are simply not available due to injury.

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