These Frailties Could See Newcastle Relegated

We have often made the comparison between the Leicester City and Newcastle squads this season and on paper at least the Newcastle squad looks stronger – especially after another £29M has been spent on the side in the January transfer window.

But we don´t see many leaders in the side and Chronicle columnist Don Hutchison hits the nail on the head when he says it is mental frailty that is the main reason we have lost a shocking 10 games of our 13 away games this season.

On the other hand he points to that mental toughness and team spirit as the main reason why the Foxes are at the top of the league after being rock bottom a year ago.

steve mCclaren - siem de jong misses sitter

Steve McClaren – not good enough

So team spirit and being able to fight in games when things are going against you are very important and it´s something that´s missing at Newcastle this season.

Having a good coach who can get the best our of the players is also very important and Claudio Ranieri is a much better manager than Steve McClaren, who has had a disastrous season for Newcastle – and it´s even worse than last season.

We have surrendered far too often at places like Manchester City, Crystal Palace, Everton and Chelsea to lose by big scores and that does our goal difference no good at all – and its one of the worst in the division at -22.

If you have players who only turn up in front of 50,000 fans at St. James’ Park then that’s a recipe for disaster and so it has proved this season.

While we hope we are wrong it´s difficult to see how we can get anything out of the game tomorrow and if some of the other teams fighting relegation win their games we will be even in a bigger mess than we were before the 18 day break we just endured.

So then what would happen?

We are pretty certain unless it´s another big defeat – the answer is absolutely nothing – because we have an important game in three days time and the Board seems unwilling to sack McClaren.

The intransigence and incompetence of the Board – they have shown over the last two years they do nothing and simply hope for the best in a crisis – and that´s another negative for us.

They are not decisive in any way.

That´s also a recipe for disaster as they showed last season when we only just survived after losing eight games on the trot towards the end of the season.

And the Board (mainly Lee Charnley) haven´t learned from their previous mistakes so there are two negatives for Newcastle that other relegation sides don´t seem to have.

The lack of fight of our players in away games and a Board who never do anything to fix a crisis.

It´s not good.

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