Alan Shearer Completely Debunks McClaren’s Reasoning

It looked like after 18 days of preparation for the game at Stoke City last night Newcastle went into the game with a match-plan to hold Stoke and get a draw – and with Newcastle’s perilous position in second bottom place in the league that’s simply not good enough and shows no courage whatsoever.

We suppose that wasn’t Swansea’s match-plan when they visited a much stronger team than Stoke and came away with a great 2-1 win over Arsenal in London last night and are now 6 points above us in the league.

Alan Shearer

Alan Shearer – Butland not the difference last night

It wasn’t until Newcastle went 1-0 down from a Xherdan Shaqiri scintillating drive after 81 minutes that Newcastle showed much willingness at all to attack Stoke and they seemed very content to come away with a 0-0 draw – so we gave up 2 points for not even trying to win the game.

We were a little unlucky that Jack Butland made the one save in the game he had to make when he brilliantly blocked Doumbia’s shot from a left wing Shelvey cross in stoppage time, but Stoke hit the cross bar and had a couple of breakaways after they had gone 1-0 up and the game finally opened up.

After the game it seems like Steve McClaren was at a different game than we watched, when he said we were unlucky to lose a game we never tried to win.

Alan Shearer has called out McClaren for saying it was that Butland save that stopped Newcastle getting the point he said his team deserved.

If we wanted to get a point maybe we should have tried to pass the ball forward more and attacked Stoke more – after all they are not a top six club – but we played an ultra cautious defensive game that was boring to watch.

This is what Alan Shearer has to say today:

“I don’t agree with what he says about Butland.” “Butland had one very good save at the end there, but other than that I can’t remember many times when he was troubled.”

“That’s Newcastle’s problem – they’ve scored seven goals away from home this season.”

We are not sure why Newcastle don’t want to fire McClaren, given his terrible record at the club,  but not taking that decisive action is threatening to have us become a Championship club in May.

If that transpires it would be a complete and utter disaster for Newcastle United and those who run the club would have to take the full responsibility for allowing that to happen.

Should Steve McClaren Be Fired At Newcastle?

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