96% Of Fans Want McClaren Fired – What Does Charnley Think?

It really is a bit of a staggering statistic that 96% of fans in our poll, that´s over 19 in 20 fans,  want Steve McClaren fired after he has had Newcastle in the bottom four all season long and has now lost four of the last five games and that´s after £82M has been spent in the last two transfer windows.

What does a manager have to do to get fired at Newcastle?

Well it seems some people at the club  still have the view that Steve McClaren is the man to manage Newcastle, although that view is not shared by the fans and according to a report in the Mail today it´s not even shared by some senior players at the club.

It´s about time Lee Charnley did his job and stopped dithering around and hesitating about what to do, given the mess we have been in all season long and McClaren is still in the job with only 11 games to play.

Steve mcClaren owls 1-0

Steve McClaren – Newcastle manager

If we do go down it´s the lack of decisive action from people like Lee Charnley at the top who will have caused our relegation.

That plus appointing Steve McClaren in the first place, especially after the disastrous appointment of John Carver a year ago, who almost managed to take us down last season.

There may be no panic at Newcastle but there is incompetence at the senior management level.

And let´s make something clear – we are not attacking Steve McClaren as a person in any way – he is a good man and this is nor personal – he is just not the right man to manage Newcastle and if he stays in the job we will be relegated – in all probability.

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