Bad News From Mike Ashley On Newcastle’s Predicament

The Telegraph is reporting that Mike Ashley is alarmed by Newcastle’s slump this season.

Luke Edwards is reporting  that a defeat tomorrow to Bournemouth could mean Steve McClaren would be fired, but that Mike Ashley is reluctant to intervene and he will leave it to Managing Director Lee Charnley if and when he fires Steve McClaren.

Well that sounds like really bad news to us, because Charnley wouldn’t fire John Carver last season after he had managed to lose eight successive games and we only just survived on the last day of the season.

We probably will not be so lucky this time around.

lee charnley and mike ashley

Lee Charnley and Mike Ashley

The Telegraph is reporting what we have suspected for a while – that the Board is paralyzed with fear and there’s also a view that sacking McClaren would only make things worse.

Worse than what?

We are second bottom of the league for heavens sake and Newcastle have lost four of the last five games and seven away games on the trot and have been in the bottom four all season long.

What could be worse than that?

While a new manager is no silver bullet, the Newcastle Board have refused to sack McClaren and therefore have put our club in severe jeopardy of relegation, where it may well be we are already doomed.

The Telegraph reports the Newcastle Board are still clinging to the hope that home form will get us out of trouble, and therefore a defeat to Bournemouth may lead to McClaren’s dismissal.

But our point is even if we win the game tomorrow,  the problem is still there – Steve McClaren is simply out of his depth in the Newcastle job – and should have been fired a long time ago.

The Telegraph say that Charnley has continually backed McClaren in his conversations with the Newcastle owner, who has kept himself in the background all season and has let the Board run the club.

That could turn out to be a huge mistake because the Board seems to be incompetent – they hired a coach who had just been fired by Derby County and they have not strengthened the defense or brought in a Premier league proven goalscorer.

So the use of that £82M in transfer fees has been suspect at best.

The Telegraph report that Charnley has also made no plans at all to fire McClaren and nobody has been lined up to replace him.

That doesn’t surprise us because Lee never seems to plan for things that may happen – and that’s part of a senior manager’s job at any company.

Charnley’s coziness with McClaren seems to be taking the club down and we are very surprised Mike Ashley will not step in to save the club.

But Ashley seems to be playing it the classic way by allowing his senior manager to do his job make the decisions he’s paying him for – but Ashley will want to know with £82M spent this season – how come we are struggling at the bottom of the league?

The problem we have with Ashley not forcing McClaren to be fired and not intervening in what is a real crisis at the club – is that we could be a Championship club in May.

Charnley will not fire McClaren and there are at least two reasons for that:

  1. It will look bad on him because he appointed McClaren in the first place
  2. Charnley has no contingency plans in place to appoint a replacement

That’s a dereliction of duty right there.

It’s a terrible situation Newcastle are in when incompetent people are allowed to run the club.