Senior Players Now Starting To Doubt McClaren

The Mail is reporting today that Steve McClaren will be fired if we lose at home to Bournemouth tomorrow and that senior players at the club cannot believe the head coach is still in his job, after such terrible results this season.

Neither can we and we´ve made is clear that Lee Charnley and company – those are the ones who never panic and never have any  knee-jerk reactions in a crisis.

In fact they do nothing in a real crisis and have already waited far too long to fire a manager who simply should never have been handed the job last June after failing at Derby County.

At some point the Managing Director should explain that appointment to the fans – but since we have never even heard the guy talk we will not hold be holding our breath.

Incompetence could be taking Newcastle down this season.

lee charnley

Lee Charnley – will not take decisive action

The way the club has been run over the last year is little short of criminal, because of the incompetency present at the senior management level.

The Mail is reporting today that our French players have organised their own recovery sessions away from the club and without permission, because they prefer their own methods to those of McClaren and his coaching staff.

The Mail is saying that senior players have expressed surprise to the paper that McClaren is still in his job having lost four of the last five games.

They are raising the fact there still seems to be tensions between motivation expert Steve Black and head fitness coach Alessandro Schoenmaker, who seem to have different ideas over the training methods.

Andros Townsend is out injured with – you guessed it – a hamstring injury and amazingly Colo was injured in the warm down after the Lillestrom win.

What are these guys doing in the training?.

It´s also a bit rich that players are surprised that McClaren has not been fired yet, when they have hardly produced on the field and both the coaches and the players share the responsibility for only 24 points from 27 games.

And the powers that be at the club should have fired McClaren long ago and then we may not be in this perilous situation we are in at the moment.

And even if we win tomorrow the same situation is in place and we still think we will be relegated if McClaren remains in charge for much longer.

Le Charnley needs to understand the difference between panic and knee-jerk reactions and taking decisive actions that are needed in a real crisis.

He seems to have little idea of the job he has.

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