Ashley To Intervene – Wants David Moyes As New Manager

The Telegraph is reporting tonight that David Moyes is expected to open talks with Newcastle United about becoming their next manager and that followed the latest disaster for Steve McClaren when we were well beaten by Bournemouth 3-1 at St. James’ Park today, in front of over 52,000 fans.

Newcastle remain second bottom, but we are now a full 9 points from 5th bottom Swansea after both Bournemouth and Swansea have won their last two games.

The Telegraph (Luke Edwards) is reporting that Moyes is the man who the owner has identified as the man to lead a recovery effort by Newcastle in the final 10 games of the season.

David Moyes manchster

David Moyes – Newcastle want him to replace Steve McClaren

We have just published a report that says we still don’t think Charnley will fire McClaren even after today’s disaster, but the Telegraph is reporting tonight that Mike Ashley has been forced to intervene and will instruct Lee Charnley, his senior manager at the club, to fire Steve McClaren forthwith.

Mike Ashley’s choice to replace Steve McClaren is the former Everton and Manchester United manager David Moyes, who Ashley is said to admire for the great work he did at Everton and Mike has even tried to hire at Newcastle in the past.

And the problems that Lois van Gaal has had at Manchester United over the past couple of seasons suggest it was always going to be a huge job for anybody, including Moyes, to replace the irreplaceable Alex Ferguson at the Red Devils.

It seems the decision to fire McClaren and try to hire David Moyes has been taken away from Managing Director Lee Charnley and Mike Ashley will be helped in the pursuit of Moyes by his PR associate Keith Bishop.

Assuming this development is accurate,  it certainly doesn’t look good for Lee Charnley who has supported and protected Steve McClaren for 28 games and that has helped put Newcastle in severe danger of being relegated this season.

Senior managers are tested in a crisis – and they are expected to make the tough decisions necessary to correct the situation, but once your own manager comes in and takes over the crisis – it’s never good.

It usually means they have lost confidence in you.

The negotiations could still falter, because David Moyes will likely insist on having full say on the transfers, which has been a problem at Newcastle ever since Mike Ashley bought the club in the summer of 2007.

Hopefully Mike will see the error of his ways and allow David to have full say on moist things – we need him in charge for the game at Leicester a week on Monday and then for the crucial home game against Sunderland in two weeks time.

We hope this news in the Telegraph is accurate – Newcastle fans need a big lift after losing five of our last six games – and David Mores will give that to both the supporters and also to the players.

The only question is why has it taken so long?

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