It’s Incredible – But Charnley Will Still Not Fire McClaren

It’s been a  problem at Newcastle all season long that for one reason or another the senior manager at Newcastle – namely Lee Charnley – doesn’t want to fire Steve McClaren, even after he had taken only 3 points from the first 8 games – and even though we are now second bottom of the league and have been in the bottom four all season.

What is going on at Newcastle this season, when it looks like the club is committing hari-kari?

And according to the Telegraph yesterday Lee Charnley has made absolutely no contingency plans whatsoever to bring in a new manager – and apparently the Board are reported to think that bringing in a new manager may only make things worse.

lee charnley

Newcastle’s inept Managing Director Lee Charnley

How that’s possible is a good question,  but that’s what the Telegraph report said yesterday.

So while it sounds incredible, we still don’t think even after today’s latest disaster that Lee Charnley will make any effort to fire Steve McClaren.

🙁 🙁 🙁

The only chance we have is if owner Mike Ashley comes in and fires him or insists that Lee fire him and bring in a new experienced manager like David Moyes, Brendan Rodgers or even former Newcastle coach Nigel Pearson

But we cannot have Lee making the decision as to who comes in – otherwise we could see him hiring John Carver again.

Mike Ashley has the ultimate responsibility for putting people on the Newcastle Board who have been incompetent this season – and that’s the main reason we will probably be relegated in May.

But we are also surprised the owner has left it so late to take action himself.

So fans shouldn’t expect McClaren to be fired any time soon – even after today’s latest disaster  – if is left to the inept Lee Charnley.

So if we hear nothing tomorrow or on Monday, then chances are that Steve McClaren will remain the Newcastle manager.

That will guarantee our relegation in May.

Here’s hoping that doesn’t happen.