Calls Mount For McClaren’s Dismissal But Will It Happen?

Most fans are waiting with bated breath for an announcement from the club that Steve McClaren has been fired, but it’s 3:00 pm Newcastle time now and there’s still no word from the club.

We suppose there is still a chance that Lee Charnley and Steve McClaren can convince the owner that Steve can still save Newcastle – but he cannot – and if he is kept in charge it simply means we will be relegated in May.

This is little doubt about that because Steve has proved all season that he’s just not up to the job and Lee Charnley will still be trying to save McClaren – as he’s done all season – because he appointed him in the first place.

john hall

Sir John Hall – Newcastle need change

Former Newcastle United owner Sir John Hall thinks the time should be called on Steve’s tenure at Newcastle.

This is what he has told BBC Radio 5 Live’s Sportsweek:

“I’m like every fan, I’m utterly depressed that we’re in a relegation battle again. We shouldn’t be there.”  “If I was Mike Ashley I’d be tearing my hair out. He’s put money in to buy players and they’re not gelling.”

“You’ve got to ask yourself what’s going on, and it all comes down to management.”  “Steve’s not getting the players to play for him and it’s maybe time that he goes. You need someone to harness the team.”

“Something’s not right there and you need change, it’s the only thing.” “Does Mike Ashley have the confidence to keep the manager there until the end of the season?” 

“You’ve got to motivate the players, but it’s not happening out there – and that’s got to come down to management.” “If they’re not gelling together then I would change. If I was the owner again I would have somebody in mind to bring them in.”

“That’s the gamble you take, but at this moment in time we are prime candidates for relegation.” “We should not be in this position and you have got to ask yourselves why we are?”

“Ashley’s got to step back, it’s his responsibility, he has put the cash in, and it hasn’t happened. So he’s got to put a rescue plan in.” “I would be inclined to say to the manager ‘it’s time to go’ and bring somebody else in.”

Newcastle have 10 games left to save their season, and if we can get an experienced manager in, who has good man-management skills and can motivate the players, there’s still a chance we can survive in the Premier League – but since we have lost five of the last six games it’s looking very dodgy at the moment.

But the fans would unite behind a new manager and the players would essentially be given a second chance – and there would be hope.

If McClaren stays in charge there is no hope.

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