Former Managing Director Could Make Surprise Return

Derek LLambias could yet play a role at Newcastle in trying to save the club from relegation by providing some steel at senior management level – something that has been missing since he walked out in the summer of 2013, after Joe Kinnear was appointed Director of Football.

Mike Ashley must have seen the lack of executive leadership by Lee Charnley who has had a disastrous two years as the Managing Director, after he effectively replaced Director of Football Joe Kinnear in April, 2014, and we have yet to hear the man speak in public.

Lee is responsible for the day-to-day running of Newcastle while Mike Ashley has decided to take a step back, but the club has disintegrated with him in charge.

derek llambias up close

Derek Llambias – could return to Newcastle?

Lee refuses to be a public figure, so we have effectively no leadership at the senior management level and when he does speak – like in the Fans Forum meetings –  it´s with high level generalities that mean absolutely nothing and point to a lack of the right skills to be in the job.

For instance in the last Fans Forum meeting he said there were no plans in place in case we are relegated,  because the Board are confident that will not happen.

He doesn´t seem to understand it´s his job as a senior manager to put together contingency plans like that – in case we are relegated.

He sticks his head in the sand  and seems paralyzed with fear when a crisis arises – which is often at Newcastle.

He does nothing – absolutely nothing – and then makes stupid reference about not giving  a knee jerk reaction to recent events.

Like not making a knee jerk reaction to being in the bottom four all season long?

From what we´ve seen of Lee he doesn´t even know what the responsibilities of his job are.

And that´s been just one of Newcastle´s problems in the last year or so and we wouldn´t be at all surprised if former Managing Director Derek LLambias is brought back in,  even before the end of the season – to put some order, leadership and visibility back at the executive level.

Derek walked out in June, 2013 after Joe Kinnear was appointed as the Director of Football and things have descended into a complete and utter mess since then.

As Alan Shearer said on BBC Match of the Day on Saturday night – Newcastle is a mess from top to bottom.

The bottom line is that since Lee Charnley has been in charge, he has presided over a complete and utter disaster which is the state Newcastle are in right now.

He must bear significant responsibility for that.

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