Show Leadership And Decisiveness – Sack McClaren Now

Even when it’s obvious the Newcastle fans will not accept the woeful Steve McClaren any longer as the Newcastle manager,  the club still haven’t got the guts, the  leadership or the decisiveness to fire the manager now.

They don’t need to wait until they have a replacement lined up – Steve deserves to be fired and that should happen today.

It’s true that maybe some of the top picks like David Moyes may not be willing to come in when Newcastle could well be a Championship club next season, but it would be possible to get a good manager in at the very least to manage the last 10 games of the season.

That would be  a huge step up from Steve McClaren, who should have never been given the job in the first place.

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Steve McClaren – fire him – now!

The fans could then get behind whoever comes in and then his first job would be to sort out the players – a kick up the behind for most of them would probably be his first duty.

It would be his choice as to who would captain the team and Jonjo Shelvey would be a good choice – at least we get some fight from the Englishman and he knows what’s at stake.

If the new manager wants to be political he could say Colo stays as club captain but Jonjo will be the team captain on the field in the last 10 games.

The new manager should be good at man-management, very experienced and a good motivator – and then there’s a possibility we could even survive this season.

The problem is we have dithered around too much with McClaren, when it was obvious he wasn’t up to the job and now we have only 10 games left – that’s simply due to chronic indecisiveness from those who are supposed to be leading this club.

But Newcastle are dithering around even now – as usual – they cannot seem to make decisions and they are continuing to show a lack of  leadership and a lack of courage.

It’s about time they got off the dime and announced immediately that Steve McClaren has been fired. – that’s step one and could have been announced yesterday.

That will force them to go all out and get a new manager in as soon as possible – either permanently or temporary through the end of the season.

But to say nothing after the disaster on Saturday shows just how incompetent they all are.

Newcastle need to do something, act decisively and show some leadership and courage.

It it was me I would announce today that Steve McClaren and Lee Charnley have been fired – that would send a message to the players (and fans) that the club finally means business.

Graham Carr’s role would also be reduced back to being the Chief Scout and he would no longer be responsible for the decisions as to which players come in and leave the club during transfer windows.

That would be assumed by the new manager and Graham would take direction from him.

Those mainly responsible for getting us into this terrible mess would have finally been held accountable.

That’s what happens at other organizations who operate in the real world on this planet.

Newcastle must take action today and stop dithering around.

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