This Is Very Bad News For Newcastle United

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There’s been some really bad news for Newcastle today and we are stunned at what is going on at the club.

If the Chronicle is right then Mike Ashley has refused to step in during this crisis and is leaving it to the Board of Directors and Lee Charnley to make the decision about whether to sack Steve McClaren.

And of course Steve is still in his job after it’s been two days now since the Bournemouth disaster and he has still not been fired.

Presumably he will be back tomorrow taking the training at Benton.


And it seems the likelihood could be that this man, with such a terrible record at Newcastle, will still be the manager when we play at Leicester City next Monday night.

Why are the Board doing this?

lee charnley and mike ashley

Lee Charnley and Mike Ashley
What are they doing?

Why has the inept and incompetent Managing Director Lee Charnley, who waited a full six months until McClaren was fired by Derby County and available to hire him for Newcastle.

What pearl of wisdom did Lee use to say that Steve McClaren could be successful at Newcastle after failing at Derby County and before that at Nottingham Forest in the Championship?

And yet he remains in full charge of Newcastle?

This man has been left with all the decision-making power, when he has shown over the last two years that he cannot make any decisions at all and doesn’t have the temperament , the experience or the skills to be a senior executive and run a club as big as Newcastle United.

But that’s what seems to have happened today with the Board still in place and nobody fired.

Absolutely nobody has been held accountable for Newcastle’s terrible plight, when it’s now almost odds-on that we will be relegated this season and may not even reach 30 points.

How many Newcastle fans have even heard Lee Charnley talk as he refuses to go public and has never even been interviewed on camera or on radio in his senior position at the club.

Why not?

The stats of Steve McClaren are such that he would have been fired long before now at any normal football club – but he could be left in charge at Newcastle for the rest of this season.

Premier LeaguePlayedWonDrawnLostGFGAGDPoints

Wonder what league Newcastle will be playing in next season?

We have lost 16 games in 28 with the worst record ever in Newcastle’s Premier League history and have lost five of the last six games, including the last three games.

And we have been in the bottom four all season long.

The squad was still allowed to go on that silly little holiday to the south of Spain after we were hammered 5-1 at Chelsea.

It’s made absolutely no difference at all and we have lost at Stoke City and at home to AFC Bournemouth since they returned and we are now 9 points behind 5th bottom Swansea who have won their last two games.

Newcastle didn’t even try to win the game at Stoke last Wednesday night after having 18 days to prepare for the game – but went after a 0-0 draw – and we were beaten 1-0 and deservedly so – whatever spin the manager tried to put on it.

It’s all too staggering to believe, but that’s what has happened.

This is incompetence of the highest order from all those running the club and we are shocked that with Newcastle United in such serious trouble of being relegated, owner Mike Ashley still refuses to get fully involved to save the club.

He continues to leave it to the man who has caused all the trouble in the first place over these last two years – his senior manager Lee Charnley.

It’s too unbelievable from everybody involved who is running this club.

Do they even care what happens to Newcastle United Football Club?

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