Hope Running Out For Newcastle Fans – It’s A Disgrace

Lee Charnley has apparently met again with his Board and the man who cannot seem to make a decision to save his life – has still not made any decision as to whether to replace the man he appointed as Newcastle head coach last summer – Steve McClaren.

And it is now three days since we were humiliated 3-1 by Bournemouth at home and apparently nothing will happen today,  but there may be a meeting with Steve McClaren tomorrow – but there again there may not be a meeting with Steve McClaren tomorrow.

lee charnley

Lee Charnley – incompetent as the Managing Director
He does nothing

What is certain is that Steve McClaren will turn up for training, and things will slowly return to “normal” – the status quo – and he continues to manage the club down to the Championship.

Things are left to drift in the wind as usual with Lee Charnley  as he continues to dither.

The urgency with which Steve McClaren should have been sacked and a new man brought in has not happened – and it will not happen.

And as Lee and his cohorts on the Board continue to do nothing and play for time,  as each day passes his ultimate goal of keeping Steve McClaren as the Newcastle head coach grows ever more real.

And Newcastle fans’ dreams of Newcastle bringing in a new manager who has the wherewithal and experience to possibly save our Premier League status grows ever more remote.

This is almost getting to be the last straw and we are utterly shocked at the nonsense going on with the Newcastle Board over the last three days.

We have lost the club to a bunch of inept and incompetent people running the club for an absent owner, who sees Newcastle only as a worldwide advertising board that brings money into his company.

And yes – Mike Ashley is the person totally responsible for this degradation of a once great club into what is literally a complete shambles right now.

It is pitiful the way this great club is being left to fall apart by those charged with running it.

Shame on them all – they are simply a disgrace.