Latest Update – Things Are Even Worse Than They Look

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The latest news on the McClaren situation is that Sky Sports journalist Keith Downie has reported today that Steve McClaren did arrive at the Benton training grounds about 8:00 am for training and is taking the morning training.

What a completely bizarre situation that is – the papers are going to have a field day today with all of this nonsense – at the expense of Newcastle United.

The three Board members Lee Charnley, Graham Carr and Bob Moncur met away from Newcastle yesterday to mull over whether to replace Steve McClaren.

Yes that’s right – they still haven’t decided to replace the manager who has already dug a rather deep hole that Newcastle will be unable to find a way out of before the end of the season.

And they are still undecided about whether to fire him?

lee charnley and mike ashley

Lee Charnley and Mike Ashley
The club has been exposed as being in a complete mess

That will mean we will be a Championship club come May – and maybe even before that.

And if we do down those running the club cannot really complain when they have become a complete embarrassment to Newcastle United and as Alan Shearer pointed out on saturday night – Newcastle is a mess from top to bottom.

He’s right.

The fans are seeing first hand as this thing unfolds just how inept the Board seem to be and they are dithering around and seemingly playing for time to keep McClaren in place – at almost all cost.

Keith Downie reported today they would only replace McClaren if they could get a suitable replacement in.

But one wonders what a suitable replacement means?

Is it somebody who can get more than two wins in their last 13 games and 9 defeats since the win at Tottenham – which is what McClaren’s recent record is at Newcastle?

This thee man triumvirate that runs Newcastle and has never ever worked – was the brain child of Lee Charnley – and that’s a major reason a top manager wasn’t brought in over the summer –  because they wouldn’t come in under those circumstances.

But the problem that Charnley and company now have is if they do fire McClaren – who agreed to a reduced role in the summer as head coach with Graham Carr continuing in charge of all transfers – who would come in to replace him?

Not many good managers, unless they give him a lot more say with transfers and the general running of the club  – and we don’t know if Charnley and Carr will allow that.

Newcastle are in a total mess at the moment – that’s obvious.

So the easy part was sacking McClaren – but for some reason even that seems to be very difficult for those  running Newcastle – and they seem pretty clueless – much like the head coach himself.

If McClaren does go – we will not hold our breath about who will replace him, but talk of Davide Moyes, Rafa Benitez and Brendan Rodgers seems premature and may simply be paper talk.

It seems that Lee Charnley and company are playing for time – we have no idea why – other than they cannot seem to make a decision and they don’t want to fire McClaren – who they appointed in the first place.

Why Mike Ashley isn’t involved and driving decisions right now when time is of the essence reflects very poorly on him – and ultimately he is totally responsible for this complete and utter mess we are in at Newcastle United.

It’s more than shameful for such a great club.

🙁 🙁 🙁

I can tell you from real practical experience of having been involved in situations like this at IBM when some tough decisions have to be made – that in any other business on this planet – heads would have rolled long before now.

It’s almost criminal what’s happening at Newcastle.

Comments welcome.

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