This Is What Happens When There´s No Accountability

The Chronicle are reporting that Newcastle are contemplating keeping Steve McClaren in his job and the club have again failed to act decisively even after we lost the last two games after all the broken and empty promises made in southern Spain after the 5-1 embarrassment at Chelsea.

So we have lost three games in a row at the business end of the season and we are now 9 points adrift with three other teams at the bottom of the league.


Mike Ashley – a second relegation in seven years – not good

Mike Ashley, Lee Charnley and company have failed to take any action so far – why that´s the case we have no idea.

But maybe with Lee Charnley it´s because they don´t seem to be held accountable for what has happened at Newcastle in the past,  which the Fans Forum reps again pointed out yesterday.

That and the fact that Lee seems completely incompetent and inept in the job he has at the club and he cannot seem to make any decisions.

Chris Hughton was fired in December 2010 after getting us promoted at the first attempt from the Championship.

Chris had only just won at Arsenal 1-0 (still the only time we have won at the Emirates) and we beat Sunderland 5-1 at home, but then we went on a run of only two draws in five games and Derek Llambias took that window of opportunity to fire him and he brought in Alan Pardew.

The inept Joe Kinnear was let go in early 2014 after only eight months in the job, before he was allowed to do any further damage in his short reign as Director of Football.

And John Carver was fired last June after he was allowed to do damage and almost get Newcastle relegated, when we suffered eight defeats on the trot – the first time that has ever happened at Newcastle in the Premier League.

And don´t believe the nonsense that his parting was by mutual consent – the way that works is you are called in and told you are being fired and then told you can say it was by mutual consent to make it easier for you.

But in general nobody is held accountable at Newcastle – and with that kind of culture at the club,  maybe Lee Charnley and company think they  don´t need to do anything in the current crisis and can just carry on.


Who knows, there´s probably as much as a 1% chance that Steve McClaren, who has 24 points from 28 games, may be able to get 15 points from the 10 games left and save us.

Miracles are possible – just ask Leicester City.

But given his average points per game – we will end up with about 33 points and be relegated with one point less than we managed in 2009.

But it shows once again that those running the club are naive and don´t seem to have the talent or the judgement or the temperament to make the decisive decisions that are always necessary in a crisis.

To do nothing now is simply to ensure we are relegated in May, but that´s what may happen and remember – Steve McClaren will be taking the training today.

The man at the very top – owner Mike Ashley – has to bear the real responsibility for putting unqualified people in senior management roles at the club and we are shocked he is not getting more involved in the current crisis.

The goals this season were top eight and to win a local Cup and it´s almost certain we will end up relegated and remember we paid out £82M on new players too.

How´s that for missing your targets?

It´s beyond belief.

Newcastle will become a business case study of incompetence and dithering ineptitude.

Books will be written about what happened at Newcastle when no executive action was taken during several crises at the club, which ended up with us being relegated after spending £82M on new players in the same season.

It´s almost criminal.

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