Thursday Is D Day – Don’t Be Surprised If This Happens

It is pretty obvious that Managing Director lee Charnley doesn’t want to fire the man he hired last summer when he brought in Steve McClaren after Steve had failed at Derby County and had been fired.

It was days after that for some reason – you’ll have to ask Lee what the reason was – that he thought a manager who had just failed at a Championship club could succeed at Newcastle United a huge step up in the Premier League.

It was a poor choice from he start and so it has proved with Steve McClaren having the worst record of any Newcastle manager in the Premier League and he has us second bottom and 9 points behind 5th bottom Swansea.

What a terrible mess we are in.


Lee Charnley stressed out
He’s thinking about a decision he may have to make a year or two down the road
The stress is already showing

And the news  tonight is  that the Newcastle Board  – who for them are moving at the speed of light to reach a decision – may have a decision on Steve McClaren by Thursday – that’s the latest news from the Chronicle.

Who’s kidding who here?

But that’s the way Lee Charnley and the Newcastle Board work – they find it very difficult to make any decision – on anything – and simply dither around hoping the problem will go away.

Believe me – they never do.

So assuming a decision is made on Thursday on Steve McClaren, after all they still have two days to delay that, it will have taken them five days to reach it – and their dithering will have interfered with the team’s preparation for the game at Leicester City on Monday night.

And then – wait for it – don’t be surprised if they decide to stay with Steve McClaren and come out and say a suitable replacement simply was not available.

We are deadly serious on that – we are not joking.

Such is the ineptitude of Newcastle United these days – it’s been nothing but a circus since Saturday night.