Benitiz Very Interested – Newcastle Must Get Him To Survive

Both the Mail, Mirror and the Chronicle are reporting that Rafa Benitez is (very) interested in taking the Newcastle job,  if he can get some things sorted out so that he would have a lot more control than Steve McClaren and Alan Pardew have had at Newcastle.

Yesterday we heard that his reps had contacted Newcastle saying that Rafa was interested in taking the job,  although the best we can probably do is to get the man in on a short-term deal for 10 games – and then hope he can help save us and Newcastle could then make the deal permanent in the summer.

Football AC Milan v Liverpool Champions League

Steven Gerrard and Rafa Benitez
Champions League Winners
May, 2005 after beating Milan on penalties

But to do that he would need more control with the transfers and some assurances from the owner Mike Ashley that funds would be available in the summer.

And that Newcastle´s goals for the future are going to be a lot more ambitious than they have been in the last nine years under Mike Ashley.

A lot more ambitious.

But the very fact Rafa and Newcastle are still talking may give fans some hope for the future.

The first thing is to get this man in – even on a 10 game deal until the end of the season – and then we would have a fighting chance to survive.

Then if we survive, hopefully Rafa will have seen how great things can be at Newcastle when we win games and we would have to have sell-out crowds for the remaining five home games of the season.

Hopefully Rafa would be able to sort out the players fairly – and he certainly comes with a background of achievement and has stature and he would take no nonsense from some of the wimps we have in the dressing room.

If they don´t play well they will not play – Rafa would be the big personality in that dressing room and on the sidelines.

And at least Newcastle would have made an attempt to save the season – very late though they have left it.

If we survive great things could be ahead – not to get too carried away.

If we fail, then the incompetence of those running Newcastle will have caught up with us and they left it too  late with a mediocre coach in place, who should never have been appointed.

Then we will go down to the obscurity of the Championship and we will visit clubs like Preston, Brentford, Bristol City and Huddersfield.

Newcastle will have been made accountable for the disastrous way in which this club has been managed under Mike Ashley for far too long.

And we would be looking again for a new manager  or a new head coach, depending on how the club will be run in the future.

But whether we stay up or go down heads must to roll for the incompetence and ineptitude shown by those running the club.

Rafa would also be a very popular choice with more than half the fans wanting him to take a shot at saving us.

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