Newcastle Growing In Confidence They Can Get Benitez

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Another day and still no decision made on Steve McClaren taken by Lee Charnley – and this thing is dragging out to the embarrassment of the Newcastle club, who cannot seem to make a decision on anything.

So once again Steve McClaren will take the training tomorrow after he had a telephone conversation with the Managing Director this afternoon.

But surely this thing cannot go on too much longer and while the press conference for the Leicester game that was due to take place tomorrow has been cancelled – surely it will need to take place on Friday – and somebody will have to represent Newcastle.

However, the good news, maybe something that could become really good news shortly –  is there are various reports – one being in the Northern Echo tonight – that Newcastle are becoming more confident they can get Rafa Benitez to Newcastle.

rafa benitez waving

Rafa Benitez – talks gong fairly well

Newcastle have been discussing Rafa’s potential appointment with his representatives over the last couple of days – and reports are that his reps have been positive to Newcastle’s overtures.

There appears to be a growing confidence at the club that the former Valencia, Liverpool, Chelsea and Real Madrid manager could agree to take over Newcastle for the remainder of the season.

If that happens we would have a fighting chance to save our Premier League status – and if we survived then the summer could be terrific with Rafa in charge and big money being made available by owner Mike Ashley.

Indeed, it’s almost like Newcastle have to pull of a coup like signing Benitez or former Everton manager David Moyes after the nonsense that has been going on this week – which only shows up the club as being almost in a complete mess.

Rafa would be the best manager hired at Newcastle since we sacked the great Sir Bobby Robson in 2004, because he only got Newcastle to 5th place in the Premier League, after being in the top four and in the Champions League in both of the previous seasons.

The potential Benitez deal will be one until the end of the season and then presumably if we survive then a long term deal could be signed in the summer – but Newcastle must stay in the Premier League for that to happen.

It’s likely the basics of a potential permanent deal are being negotiated right now – but a three month deal will be the one signed by Rafa – if anything is signed.

What is complicating discussions is the power the manager will have in the transfer market, as we mentioned last night,  and it’s very unlikely the Spaniard would be willing to have Graham Carr making the decisions in the transfer market.

Rafa has so much more experience than Graham in signing players and he will also have lots of contacts throughout Europe – so if this is what stops Newcastle signing Rafa they want their heads examined.

But lots of fans thought those running the club needed their heads examined when they have kept Steve McClaren in place as he has taken the club into such a precarious position in the Premier League.

Another difficulty is that Rafa wants to bring in his own back-room staff – but why would we not agree to that – because it would give us the best chance of avoiding relegation in May.

It’s not surprising that Rafa has also been promised a huge bonus by Newcastle if he is able to keep us in the Premier League in May.

Newcastle have this one chance to gain a little credibility back with their fans, after what has been another disastrous season – much worse than last term.

They cannot afford to screw this one up – and if they do they are likely to feel a backlash from fans who are simply fed up with the inept way the club has been run for far too long.

Get Rafa Benitez in as soon as possible.

Comments welcome.

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