Wait For It – Rumors Charnley About To Make A Decision

The breaking news is that Newcastle manager Steve McClaren will meet with Managing Director Lee Charnley this afternoon and it could be the Newcastle MD has been forced into something he cannot seem to do to save his life.

Make a decision.

But before you get carried away and all excited,  it seems that Steve McClaren was supposed to talk to owner Mike Ashley yesterday, but that didn’t happen.

So Steve – not too surprisingly –  has requested the meeting with Charnley after he has heard nothing from the Managing Director since the Bournemouth disgrace on Saturday.

lee charnley

Lee Charnley – may be forced into a corner
May have to make a decision
We’ll see

So the conditions seem to be right for Lee to actually make a decision and even tell the head coach he is fired.

There was a meeting in York on Monday when Charnley met with Board members Bob Moncur and Graham Carr, but no real decisions were taken at that meeting – well not on McClaren anyway.

That would have looked too much like a knee-jerk reaction after only two days after the Bournemouth defeat – and after Newcastle had been fourth bottom of the league all season long and we have lost five of our last six games.

The Newcastle Board don’t do knee-jerk reactions.

But things have gone on for too long with the weird situation of Steve turning up for training on each of the last two days, not knowing if he will be in the job next Monday night at Leicester.

But we still cannot accuse Lee Charnley of taking any initiative, as it was Steve who has called for the Charnley meeting – and that’s hardly surprising.

Now we will see – with Lee in the proverbial corner – whether he will be forced into making a decision.

If he is then we could even see news on the Newcastle web-site that Steve McClaren has been fired.

But we are not holding our breath on that, but it is possible it could happen.

The alternative is Lee will continue dithering and nothing of consequence will come out of the meeting with Steve.

That’s also possible.

Time check – this is the fourth day since the Bournemouth disgrace and there has been no communique at all from the club.

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