Ashley To Fly In To Clear Impasse Of Newcastle Embarrassment

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After day 5 of this Newcastle saga, which has become an acute embarrassment to the club for their complete lack of any real action that fans can see – or that have been reported by the club itself – there is a report in the Independent tonight that Mike Ashley will be flying in on Friday to try to sort out the mess.

And believe us, this is another mess the club have made of what should have been a fairly straight-forward situation.

It looks like Benitez’ representatives, who have been negotiating for three days with Newcastle, are now ready let their client (Benitez) sign a three-year contract at Newcastle.

But because Newcastle have moved with glacier like movement since Saturday, there is now a possibility Rafa will not want to take over until after the Leicester City game on Monday night – and that could become our 8th successive away loss and only 9 games left to play.


Lee Charnley – leading Newcastle – but where to?

Just exactly what Lee Charnley and others have been doing or thinking this week – they have certainly not moved with the purpose, decisiveness and urgency necessary of a club in such serious danger of being relegated.

But what’s new – they never do.

Any normal club would have fired McClaren after the Bournemouth disgrace – whether it was Sunday or Monday – and put say Ian Cathro in charge of training but no – Steve McClaren has come in to take the training for the last three days – in what they have turned into a bizarre situation and (very) embarrassing to the club.

It’s amazing to have to even say this – but apparently the Board have still not made a decision on whether McClaren will stay at Newcastle and even denied to local papers this afternoon that Steve McClaren had finally been fired, when that’s what Sky Sports reported.

And the very fact the Board have protected and stayed with Steve McClaren all season long – when he has the worst record of any manager in Newcastle’s Premier league history – has put Newcastle into this dangerous situation where it looks we will now be relegated.

From what we can understand – and it’s not easy – Ashley will fly in tomorrow to give the go ahead for Newcastle to formally present a three year deal to Benitez, with an option in the contract that he can leave if Newcastle if we are relegated.

Mike may also be required to ensure Benitez that he will have full control of all transfers, which will be a big change in the way Newcastle are managed and a change for the better too.

But with things still so uncertain, Newcastle may now have to make a decision on who will be in charge of the team on Monday night – and if it’s Steve McClaren – just how embarrassing will that be?

Lee Charley’s big mistake was to keep McClaren employed as he was negotiating for a new manager – and any normal club would have fired McClaren quickly after the Bournemouth disgrace – which was after all a must win game after the defeat at Stoke – where McClaren went all out for a 0-0 draw(and failed) after 18 days of preparation for the game.

But because Charnley cannot seem to make a decision to save his life, Newcastle have looked to be both dithering and incompetent to the outside world looking on in amazement as nothing gets done – and not for the first time this season.

In truth, Steve McClaren should have been fired long ago and long before we dropped 9 points behind the 5th bottom club Swansea City.

It will be the sixth day tomorrow of this soap opera – and we have no idea what will happen – but if it’s anything like the previous five days – then nothing much will happen and the dithering and confusion will continue.


We have no idea, other than people in their jobs in senior management positions at the club cannot seem to get the job done.

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