Benitez Could Accept Newcastle Manager Job Today

There’s an update this morning on the Newcastle situation, with The Sun reporting that Newcastle have formally offered Rafa Benitez the Newcastle manager job until the end of the season –  and they want him to take over immediately and certainly before the crucial game at Leicester City on Monday night.

The report is that Rafa is now considering the offer and we suppose Steve McClaren will keep his job until Rafa accepts the job – hopefully today – but if he turns it down we have no idea what will happen next with Steve McClaren still in the head coach position five days after the Bournemouth disgrace on Saturday.

And we will again have the bizarre situation that Steve McClaren will turn up at the Benton Training grounds today to take the training with the players, although the press conference for the Leicester City game which was scheduled to take place today has been cancelled.

rafa benitez

Rafa Benitez – considering accepting Newcastle manager job

Why McClaren wasn’t fired shortly after the debacle on Saturday afternoon we have no idea – but he should have been – and that would have pushed Newcastle to appoint a new manager quickly.

But that would have been Newcastle taking decisive action, which doesn’t seem to happen and this has been a rather bizarre and strange situation all week that could only happen at Newcastle.

And there have also been discussions of a permanent position in the summer with Rafa representatives, with Newcastle willing to go to a manager position from a head coach position and give Rafa full control of transfers,  which has been the remit of Chief Scout Graham Carr for a while now.

Steve McClaren is also reported to be furious, upset and disappointed with the way he has been treated since Saturday.

The first contract from Lee Charnley was yesterday afternoon, with a brief call that Steve had demanded – after the Managing Director had not spoken to him at all since the Bournemouth game.

In fact Steve wanted a face-to-face meeting with Charnley, but the MD pulled out and made a short telephone call to the former England manager yesterday afternoon shortly before Steve left the training grounds for his home in Yarm, which is close to Stockton-on-Tees.

The Sun is reporting this is a farcical situation.

We are concerned that if Rafa looks too closely at the unprofessional and bizarre way in which Newcastle have managed this situation heavy-handed since last Saturday, he could even turn  the job offer down.

That would be catastrophic for Newcastle, but indicative of a club that is in a mess from top to bottom – to use Alan Shearer’s description of Newcastle’s situation this season.

We hope to hear news today that the former Liverpool boss has accepted the Newcastle job through the end of the season.

That would come as a huge relief to Newcastle supporters everywhere.

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