Newcastle Could Be Close To A Stunning Coup

If the news is to be believed today, Newcastle could be ending their five day silence since last Saturday’s disaster against AFC Bournemouth as the club have been trying to persuade Rafa Benitez to join Newcastle United as the new manager.

There are different stories relating to what type of deal he could sign at Newcastle – if indeed he does sign on.


Rafa Benitez – close to accepting Newcastle job

One possibility is an agreement through the end of the season to come in for the 10 remaining games and then if Newcastle stay up he would  sign a longer term deal.

The other way this could happen is that Rafa could sign a three year deal as reported last night in Spain.

That option could have a release clause in the contract that says Rafa could leave the club if Newcastle are relegated to the Championship – but hopefully that’s only an option for Rafa if we are relegated.

Of course it still might still not happen that Rafa ends up at Newcastle and the club can always screw things up – even at this apparent late stage – they have had enough practice in doing that.

But it will be a stunning coup if before the Leicester City game on Monday night Rafa Benitez becomes the new Newcastle manager.

There is news that Rafa will be meeting with Newcastle officials later today and that meeting between Lee Charnley and our current head coach Steve McClaren will finally take place today.

So things seem to be in place such that McClaren could be fired and Rafa Benitez could be introduced as the new manager of Newcastle Untried.

It could even happen today.

And Rafa would be a manager rather than a head coach, with reports that he will have control of transfers into and out of the club.

And if there ever could be a hero at Newcastle it could be the 55 year-old former Liverpool manager if he can save us from the drop.

Rafa is likely to be welcomed by Newcastle fans already as a hero if he does sign on at the club.

That’s because it takes some guts and courage to come in and try to save what has been a horrible team this season with far too many under-performing but highly paid stars who have Newcastle in second bottom place in the league.

It’s our worst season in the Premier League ever – so far.

We trust that Rafa can start to get the lads playing somewhere near their best form – very quickly.

Having a world-renowned coach at Newcastle who was the Real Madrid coach at the beginning of the season will be terrific – and a welcome change from the mediocrity we have had since Kevin Keegan left us back in September of 2008 when the club did the dirty on him.

Rafa has managed 962 games in his career, including 62 with the Real Madrid B team – and he has a winning percentage of 51%.

If he can maintain that percentage in our 10 remaining games of the season we will likely survive.

The excitement among Newcastle fans is the most intense we have seen on the blog since January of 2008 – when rumors where rife that Newcastle would be bringing Kevin Keegan back to the club.

Not to get too carried away until it could be a signed deal – but Rafa’s appointment would definitely galvanize the Newcastle fans for the remaining 10 games of the season.

And Rafa was always the fans’ first choice to get the job.

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We’re keeping our fingers crossed – and hoping – and at the same time reaching for those blood pressure pills.


I’m off to the doctors now and will be away for around three hours – maybe there will be some good news when I get back?

Howay The Lads!!

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